What to Look for When Buying an Apartment in Limassol Cyprus

Limassol can be found on the southern coast of Cyprus (EU), known for, its gentle shores and scenic beaches, its nightlife, its archaeological sites but most of all its rapidly growing real estate market, with the newly added towers, and investment opportunities. Recently Cyprus is running a citizenship by investment scheme which is ideal for becoming a European Union citizen. Therefore, buying an apartment in the city can be a great idea. Check out some great apartments for sale in Limassol by Galaxia Estate Agencies at an affordable price.

Peoples have different choices and different opinions. But the fundamental things are as follows, where and how? There are different types of apartments in Limassol, and it is totally up to you what type of apartment you are going to buy? How will you finance the purchase? If you’ve already decided to buy an apartment, your next step should be setting a realistic budget. Then place your requirements, size of the apartment, frequency of use, and the other things that you want to have in your residence where you will spend your time. So, if you are about to purchase an apartment, especially in Limassol, Cyprus, then this article might be useful.


There are several essential factors that you should consider before buying an apartment in Limassol:

Apartment Location

The thing which is the most important is the building’s location. You should note the distance of shops, transport, beaches, parks, schools and open space from your apartment, which are factors that you should give high priority. Not only the apartment’s location but also the location of the apartment within the building. It would be best if you also considered the way the condo faces, whether it’s near the elevator or garage doors and where are the other facilities. Ask yourself every possible question before committing to an apartment.

Good Quality Design Principals

A well-designed building must have residential garden settings. You should ensure the quality materials of your apartment. Also, good quality access and parking. Besides, it has to be universal design.

Privacy and Security’s

Privacy and sound-proofing are the two biggest things when you are looking for an apartment to buy. It would help if you asked about the building standard for the walls. You should ensure maximum security for your apartment and privacy.

Property Taxes

There are different methodologies for calculating property tax, and sometimes it varies from state to state in the European Union. But much of it depends on the price of the apartment. It is the biggest line item of expense. Investors should consult with a property tax professional or an attorney. But rest assured that we, here at Galaxia Estates are ready to help and advice you as agents that have years of experience and market knowledge in real estate in Limassol, about how taxes are calculated, how a sale affects them, and so on so forth.

Overall condition of the Apartment

Look carefully every sector of the apartment give it time. Ask questions and make it clear. Do not concern about minor things, such as the polarity of electrical outlets or a small leak from a faucet. These types of items are not significant factors or do not need much effort to be taken care of. They are regular maintenance-and-repair to properties. Instead, look at the major systems of the building, such as roof, heating and cooling systems, electrical and plumbing, windows, exterior, etc.

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