Is Dormer Just A Showpiece?

Those of you who have seen the old architectural buildings might have noticed those having dormers. It is a common part of it. Why only the old buildings, the modern, luxurious ones also have dormers on them. And many might have thought that’s just for increasing the beauty of architectural blueprint. It could be one of the reasons for having dormers but not the main one.


Like every other portion of those houses, the dormer has a specific purpose to it. Didn’t we all draw the same house with a triangular-shaped small roof when we were asked to when we just learned to hold a pencil! What does a dormer remind you of? To me, the dormer’s structure reminds me of that only. A dormer is the small triangular roof-shaped house-like structure on a pitched roof.


So, next time you get to see a dormer, you need to know why exactly it is for if it’s not just a beauty item. Before we talk about dormer, let’s talk about the loft, a dormer’s abode, a bit. The loft is as we all know the space right under the roof. It could be a whole story, could be a room at one side and a staircase’s flat space at the other, it could be a space to store staff, it could be anything, according to the design you chose and the way you want to use it.

Or you could have a one-story house with a height of two stories and have dormers with windows to keep it bright with sunlight. But the main point is a loft remains right under the roof. The mention of the window brings us to the Roofcost, which is a credential source that saves you a lot when you are investing in different roof projects.


Advantage Of A Dormer

The main advantage of having a dormer in your pitched roof is that it remains bright with sunlight, but you do not have to endure the heat. Living right under the ceiling is never a good idea. However, many had to live in apartments right under the roof. If one could avoid them, they would because the heat under there is too much to tolerate.

Dormer could be of varied designs and types. They are gabled, shed, eyebrow, segmental, and hipped. And a dormer is constructed to have windows on the pitched roof, unlike the skylights where you could only attach glasses on the pitched roof. You could even have a blind dormer, but we will talk about that after a bit.

Skylights Vs. Dormer With Windows

Skylights are beautiful and add a great aesthetic to your accommodation or loft. They allow sunlight inside the house, no doubt. But a dormer is better in every way. A dormer allows air passing all over the attic, you have more light in the loft, and you can view outside from the loft, as you generally do from any other window at your house.

With a dormer, the loft doesn’t have to be a closed place with no windows and light. It has to have a window, so we have the dormer with a glass window on them. They are the same window that one is going to have in the rest of the rooms. Thus the Dormer Window cost is the same as any regular window.

False Dormer An Aesthetic

If you want to use a dormer without a window, even that is allowed. Such dormers do exist. They are called blind or false dormers. You have the structure of the dormer, but there will be no window. Thus there will be no light or air or space in the loft, but the outside of your pitched roof will be aesthetically pleasing. However, we prefer dormers with windows as they have much better aspects to them than just being a showpiece.

So, if you want your own dormer on your pitched roof, let us tell you, you can have it without spending a fortune of re-roofing. For that, once again, we refer you to Roofing Costs. Because to save from roof-related projects, they have no match.

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