How To Grow Your Real Estate Business By Marketing Locally Using Social Media

Like all other industries, the real estate sector also relies heavily on marketing. An estimated 77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate in some way or form, as this survey claims. Whether it is commercials for a piece of land or a luxurious office building let out for leasing, social media platforms play a crucial role in real estate video marketing, as this article shows.

Why Social Media Is Vital for Marketing

Compared to other media channels like TV advertisements, paper flyers, or online brochures, social media is where most interested buyers get information about properties. In today’s world, people want to get details online and complete most of their decision process even before visiting the actual land or house. That is why realtors must build a connection with potential customers online, and social media platforms are the best places to do it.

Minimal Investments

All you need to start social media activity for professional purposes is a business account, which takes a few minutes of work. Compared to any other form of advertising, this is the one with minimal investment. With enough free online resources to create quality digital content, your campaign should generate as much revenue as possible for the lowest cost.

Unmatched Professional Networking

On the one hand, realtors use social media to get in touch with their potential and existing customers. On the other hand, social media also helps real estate agents and professionals connect with different personalities from their field. Interaction among peers increases competition but also promotes the overall quality of service provided to customers.


Tips to Expand Your Real Estate Business Using Social Media

1. Create Video Content

In every real estate site online, you see photos of the property that people want to sell or rent. This information is mandatory: people want to see what they want to buy. However, to make a difference, create videos showing the same thing instead.

If you have a video camera, you can make a video of you going around the house, explaining what each room is, and other details. This way, you not only cover all the necessary information for your clients but also make it more interaction: they get the feeling of exploring the house with you instead of just seeing pictures.

Social media platforms encourage video-sharing as well, starting with Instagram stories. Select a short segment of about 30-45 seconds from your video and share it as an Instagram story to attach viewers. Use the necessary filters, captions, and other video-editing tools to improve video quality.

2. Post New Content Regularly

You may not always have houses or spaces to sell, but your customers should still know you are active in the business. Your social media presence is proof of this: this is where you discuss topics with customers apart from business deals.

Post informative content about matters like home searching tips, or the best practices for interior decoration, or anything else that homeowners might find relevant. It may not directly help business, but you get more people to visit your page, thereby helping you in future deals.

After you post, you must also respond to the comments, queries, or shares that your followers do on the platform. Sharing content is also a method of meeting customers, so it is best if you reply to their questions promptly. There are third-party apps that help you sort out and filter your inbox and messages when you have hundreds of clients contacting you at the same time.

3. SEO Parameters

With some techniques, you can enhance the visibility of your social media posts. For example, on Instagram, hashtags and geotags serve the purpose.

Hashtags are keywords you use in the caption or comments of your video so that your video appears when people search for those words on the platform. If you want to advertise a house in Mumbai, say, you can add hashtags like #3BHK, #furnished, #1400sqft, #Bandra, or something else appropriate.

Geotags are similar except that these tags pinpoint a geographical location, which is useful for real estate purposes. When you add a geotag to your post, your post shows up when people search for areas or places in that particular region.

4. Social Media Analytics

Channels like Instagram and Facebook are useful from a business point of view because it helps you track your customers’ behaviours and patterns. Some software add-ons local to the platform (like Instagram Analytics) or third-party tools assist you in several ways to boost your online content.

Keyword optimisers are tools which browse the internet across hundreds of websites to find out the trending keywords and topics in the area of your interest; you can then use those keywords in your posts too. Other follower monitoring software applications give you details about your target audience like when they are most active online and what catches their interest. With these aids, you can quickly optimise your posts to create the right content for your target audience to maximise conversions.

5. Rope in Your Clients

Social media allows you to rope in your followers and clients to support you in brand promotion. Whenever you share or upload new content, you can encourage your followers to share the same to spread the word by offering discounts or some other benefits. When your clients become advocates, your outreach improves significantly.

If you can allow a little more budget for online marketing, you can collaborate with social media influencers to boost your campaign. You can survey the most popular influencers or bloggers and get them to share your content through their accounts. Using paid help is a useful tool in the initial stages of your marketing campaign when your customer base is small; when you have enough clients, you can use their help to share your content for free.


Whatever real state marketing ideas you have, you should try to make them social media-friendly, because the outreach and visibility are as critical as the content itself. When you make the most of social media, you get a massive edge over your competitors because this is the cheapest way of creating an effective brand promotion. So, without much delay, start your social media marketing campaign right away!

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