Reasons for a Running Toilet and How to Fix it


Running Toilet

Waking up on a refreshing morning only to find that there is a running toilet can be one of the most frustrating starts to the day. Adding to the constant rushing sound of water, a running toilet is also a waste of energy. If your toilet is running for days, it can cause issues in different ways.

The water wastage will add to your monthly utility bill as well. According to the American Water Works Association, in a typical home, toilets account for 45% of the water use, and on average, 20% of all toilets leak. Leaky toilets are the most costly household wastes of water.

On the whole, leaving a running toilet unattended can cause spiralling issues that result in major inconveniences for you and your family members. So it is high time you think of how to fix a running toilet

Before you call a plumber or fix it by yourself, you first have to diagnose the problem. 

Read on below to learn about the different causes of a running toilet and how to fix a running toilet effectively:

Issues with the Fill Valve

Issues with the Fill Valve

The fill valve is the part that controls the amount of water that fills the tank after a flush. If there is an issue with the fill valve, you cannot take it lightly as it plays a main part in preventing the toilet from overflowing. 

Different toilets use various mechanisms when it comes to filling the valve. One type is the float device. 

The float device works similar to a lever; when you flush the toilet, the floater will lower until it activates the fill valve and the water is refilled in the tank.

Another type is the cylinder, which moves up and down to activate the valve and refill the tank. There will be a problem when the float device or the cylinder is too low or too high. The fill valve should be set at a medium height for the toilet to work without any leakage or running issues.

So how to fix a running toilet with fill valve issues? You should replace the faulty fill valve. You can do it yourself by removing the valve and reassembling it with the new one, or you can call up your plumber to assist you.

Faulty Flapper

A faulty flapper is also one of the common causes of the running toilet problem. The toilet flapper is the rubber component in the tank that opens to let the water out of the toilet and seals back to refill the tank. 

Problems arise if the toilet flapper fails to seal properly. Before you go about how to fix a running toilet, check if the flapper is misshapen or worn out. It is a common scenario for the flapper to wear down in time, leading to leaks. 

When you find this issue, work with the flapper. Try to push the flapper down and check its durability. In case this stops the toilet from running, then you have identified the problem. You can simply replace the flapper with a new one. 

Leaking Fill Tube

Toilet bowl in modern bathroom interior

The fill tube is the plastic tube that connects the valve and the overflow pipe. It is the component that refills water in the toilet bowl once the toilet is flushed. If you find the tube leaking, then the water will not fill up quickly in the bowl. It will lead to the toilet running constantly.

Other than leaks, there will also be problems if the fill tube is moved or gets dislodged. To check if there are any issues with the fill tube, open up the tank and look at whether the tube’s end lies above the water level.

If you find the tube submerged in the water, then cut it back to decrease the water level. Hire an experienced plumber to identify the leaks and get them fixed as soon as possible.

The Float

As discussed in the fill valve section, the fill valve may malfunction if the float is not at the right height in the tank. There are two different types of floats, cup float, and ball float. If the ball is set high, the water level will rise on top of the overflow pipe.

You can fix this quickly by bending the arm that is holding the ball. All you have to do is change the ball’s position to rest at a medium height. If it still does not resolve the issue you may need to replace the float using an expert plumber.

If left unattended, a running toilet will cause various problems in day-to-day life and economic issues. Once you detect this issue, immediately think about how to fix a running toilet. Reach out to a reliable plumber before it is too late.

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