Raleigh Siding Replacement Experts Weigh In On Best Hardie Siding From Home Depot

Hardie siding is a durable material that uses cement fibers to create an attractive and long-lasting siding product. It was introduced to the market by the siding company in the 1980s and has since been the top choice for many homeowners. It’s created by combining cement, sand, cellulose wood fibers and water and is used to protect home exteriors from moisture, storms and water damages. 

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Here are the 6 best Hardie siding from Home Depot

1. HardiePlank Lap Siding

This Hardie siding has a woodgrain appearance and is best suited for homes that need a traditional wood siding look. It has a noncombustible cladding that will not attract pests. It is also engineered to withstand harsh conditions such as storms, moisture, humidity and heat. The board resists damage from moisture including cracking, rotting, splitting, and swelling and stays strong and intact.  It has a 30-year limited transferable warranty.

Hardie Siding From Home Depot1

2. HardieShingle Siding

This siding has a staggered edge appearance that provides a look of cedar shake in a wood like grain finish and is most suited for a variety of homes, including ranches and cottages. It features a panel install system for faster and easier shingle installation. It also allows boards to withstand harsh weather conditions and resists pests that damage wood siding. 

3. HardieTrim Boards

HardieTrim boards have an authentic look which gives design flexibility for doors, windows, frames columns and friezes and greatly compliments other James Harding sidings. They resist damage from mold, storms and harsh weather and are also fire resistant. Because they are long lasting, they reduce both time and money spent on maintenance.  They are also backed up with a 15 year non prorated warranty. 

4. HardieSoffit Pre-Cut Panels

These panels protect the gaps between eaves and exterior walls. They protect your design from pests and moisture and also complete your design. They are as color resistant as they are available in ColorPlus Technology. 

Hardie Siding From Home Depot2

5. HardieWrap Weather Barrier

HardieWrap is available by the roll. It has superior air resistance and reduces energy loss in the home. It is also thick for tear resistance, and provides a balance of breathability and water resistance. It also creates a water-resistant barrier. 

6. HrdieBacker Cement Board

This is a tile underlayment meant for use with countertops, bathrooms, kitchens and floors. It resists damage from moisture and is best used for wet areas. It can easily be cut using a scoring knife, making it easy to use and leaves less debris. It also gives an end result that is strong, durable and resistant. 

With all the variety of Hardie Sidings available, making the right choice for your home may be overwhelming. Make sure you consult with the best experts in the business to help you make the right choice and to do the installation for you. 

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