5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior



For homeowners, buying and living in their own house can be a source of pride, fulfillment, and joy. Buying a house is a huge investment, so sometimes it takes years for some people to finally have the means to do so. Once they’ve done it, many individuals spend a lot of their time looking out for their house’s welfare to ensure it lasts for a lifetime. However, being a homeowner comes with significant responsibilities.

Yes, you have your own house, but you can’t just reside in it and expect it to stay perfect forever. It’s your responsibility to take care of it and make sure everything from the inside and out is in good condition. Moreover, you have to ensure that it’s clean as dirt can be the root cause of many home problems. Eventually, you might find yourself spending hours keeping your home tidy and in top shape.

Even if you’ve managed to clean your home’s interior and made it part of your routine, it’s entirely different when it comes to your house’s exterior. Exterior house cleaning is not something most homeowners prioritize, but if you think about it, your house’s façade is the first thing people notice about your home. The cleanliness of your exteriors is not only about improving your curb appeal or increasing your home value. It’s also a way of preventing your house from potential damage that could cost you a fortune.

To help you get started, here are five tips that will allow you to make your home’s exterior sparkle and shine:

1. Consider Pressure Washing

Many homeowners think pressure washing is the first step in effectively cleaning their exteriors. That’s because it can do quick wonders for your home and get rid of all the dirt, mold, and other unsightly things that have collected on various surfaces over time. However, avoid trying to DIY pressure wash your home as the job requires proper skills. Otherwise, you may cause major damage to your house’s exterior that may be difficult and expensive to address.

It’s recommended to hire any provider of pressure washing Warner Robins services to get the job done for you and ensure that everything is cleaned properly. They’ll pressure wash the driveway, roof, fence, deck, and other areas depending on your request. Once they’re done, you’ll see how much better your exteriors look when they’re squeaky clean.

2. Enhance Your Landscape

Perhaps you’ve been too busy with life that you haven’t noticed weeds and wild plants invading your front yard. The bushier they become, the worse it’ll be for your front landscape. As part of exterior home cleaning, set aside a day to update your landscape using gardening tools to pull out all the weeds and wild plants growing everywhere.

Once done, you can begin planting new plants or flowers in your yard to improve your home’s curb appeal. Then, don’t forget to add a layer of mulch with the color of your choice and place it around your new garden bed. As you can see, it doesn’t take much to improve your home’s landscape all on your own.

3. Wash The Windows

You may be regularly cleaning your windows from the inside, but that would be ineffective if you neglect cleaning them from the outside. You can use a soft sponge or cloth and soak it in glass cleaner before wiping it on your windows. Additionally, never attempt to pressure wash your windows as doing so can break your glass windows, which may result in costly repairs.


4. Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

One trick to make your home’s exterior appear even cleaner is by using bright light fixtures. However, if your current porch or patio lights are as old as when you first bought your house, this may be the right time to go shopping and replace them.

If you’re unsure which types of lighting fixtures to buy, don’t hesitate to consult an electrician and let them guide you. On the other hand, if you prefer to stick to the lights you already have, you can temporarily remove them and wipe them down thoroughly. Afterward, you can reinstall them and watch how they shine brighter this time, making your exteriors looking cleaner and more attractive.

5. De-Junk Those Gutters

Your gutters play a vital role in your house. They keep water away from your home to ensure that it won’t be damaged. However, it’ll be hard for your gutters to function well if they’re blocked by debris, fallen leaves, and other objects that could block the flow of water. Thus, it’s your responsibility to clean your gutters at least twice a year. It may be a tiring task, but it’s an important one. If you find it difficult, don’t hesitate to hire a professional to accomplish the job for you.

Wrapping Up

With these tips in mind, you can now get started with your exterior home cleaning. See to it that you have a plan before getting to work so the entire process with be smooth. Moreover, if you find any of these tips challenging to follow, you can always seek the assistance of a professional cleaner who’ll finish the task properly in no time.

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