Creating a Perfect Layout for Kids’ Room


Planning the layout for kids room

When we start to talk about a suitable design for a kids’ room, we must define the age group of the kids first of all. Dragons of Walton Street provides hand-painted kids’ furniture for every age at, and its designers believe it does not make sense to design kids’ rooms just for one particular age – the room should grow up with your child.

What Group Is Your Child In?

Usually, children fall under the three age groups stated below.

Preschoolers are 3-6-year-old kids. At this age, kids are very active and have a growing need for a separate room and a comfortable space. A preschooler needs a room with the quickest possible access to it for parents. It may include a small bed with no sharp corners since a child moves actively at this age. The bed should be placed near a window. The room needs a large play area and may accommodate small toy tables or racks for toys. It is a good practice to use bright colors in the design.

The second one is the age group of 6-12-year-old kids. Children become hyperactive at this age; therefore, they are in need of their own space. This room should provide a workspace for school activities. Make sure it is arranged near the window. Children at this age need a larger bed and built-in furniture with plenty of shelves, ideally, next to the workplace. There is a necessity for a small closet as well. A usual closet is fairly enough to place the kids’ clothes. A small play area must be available as well.

12-18-year-old children are teenagers. They need a separate one-bedroom space and often have their own ideas of how to design their rooms. Since teenagers need a bedroom, it makes sense to create one for them. A house with an additional bedroom will be in high demand on the real estate market.

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