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Quick Hacks to Revolutionize Your Decor In Minutes

Quick Hacks to Revolutionize Your Decor In Minutes

Are you keen to create a fresh new feel to match the New Year? Redecorating your house doesn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive process. Here are five quick hacks that will have your home looking like a whole new space in minutes.

1. The little details matter

You may not even need to buy a single item. Before you spend, look around your home, especially at your knick-knacks, decor, plants, and pictures. Swapping them around, taking some to different rooms, and consciously planning how to match them up cohesively can greatly freshen the feel of a room, and you’ll be done in hours.

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2. Change small things if your budget is tight 

If you don’t have a lot of money to work with, you can make big changes by swapping some hardware. Whether it’s cupboard handles, knobs, light fittings, or taps, you’d be surprised how much of an impact these small items can have on the feel of a room. If you want to echo a current trend, but you’re not sure if it will look stale by next summer, this is also a great way to experiment without commitment. In a similar vein, it’s also a top-notch way to introduce flashier metallics, textured ceramics, or anything loud that has the chance to be too overwhelming. For cupboards and dressers, you can go all-out and repaint or refinish the unit, or simply make a subtle tweak. Either way, you’ll be done in one morning.

3. Switch out (some) of the furniture

You can opt to style your home with modern furnishings from top to bottom, or just get rid of a piece or two that doesn’t fit the feel of the room. Our eye is drawn to large furnishing items as ‘anchors’ in a space, so swapping out the couch or getting new bedding, can have a huge effect on the room without changing much else. Likewise, throwing down a rug can tie a space together in new and innovative ways for very little effort.

If you have pieces of furniture you love, but they look tired, consider renovating them. Change the upholstery, use a cover, or freshen the finish and hardware as we mentioned above. If the furniture item is a favorite, but you can’t work it into the space, then perhaps try it in a different room.

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4. Change up the window fittings

Speaking of areas where small changes have a large impact, look to your windows. In many ways, the window treatment acts as a frame to the whole room. You can go all-out and change to a different style completely; Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, reed blinds, and many other window dressings all have their own style to impart. Otherwise, simply tweak the weight of the fabric, its texture, and the color. You can create any number of feels, from a sensuous sheer and flowing, to invigoratingly bold, or thoroughly modern and chic.

5. Throws can change your vibe immediately

Smart decor lovers know that throws and throw pillows are the easiest way to reset a room hassle-free. In fact, you’d be smart to set your basic room decor as a constant for the year, and then freshen it up with seasonal touches by switching these items with each season.

While you may have to wait a few days for delivery if you’ve ordered exciting new decor, every one of these hacks can be finished in mere hours. Yet your room will feel like you’ve undergone a week-long renovation. Lift your spirits, celebrate the New Year, and have some fun with these simple decor hacks.

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