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Questions You Should Ask an Electrician Before Making a Hiring Decision

Questions You Should Ask an Electrician Before Making a Hiring Decision

When searching for an electrician, you’d not only want to look at your money’s worth but also the safety. Did you know electrical problems are among the leading causes of fires in a home or commercial complex? You might have assumed the problem hoping to solve at a later date only for it to result in thousands of dollars in damages. That is why it is important that you’re researching the contractor that you’ll be working with. There are some key questions that you should be asking the electrician and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Are You Licensed?

You don’t want to be working with an electrician that doesn’t have the right license. Most states and municipalities will make it mandatory for the electricians to be licensed. Ideally, you’d want to work with a master electrician. This is because they have at least two years of experience and can be trusted with the design and installation of electrical work in a building. A journeyman will be licensed for installation only and won’t be able to do any work related to designing. You can get in touch with H&A NYC Electrician if you’re searching for a licensed electrician that can be trusted to do a good job.


Are You Insured?

This has to be a deal-breaker when searching for an electrician. Anything could happen on the job and you don’t want to be liable in case of an injury. You should make sure that the electrician has both workers ’compensation insurance and liability insurance. You don’t want to receive a lawsuit simply because you did not confirm the insurance information of the contractor.

What Kind of Work Do You Focus on?

You could be looking for specific expertise and want to make sure that the electrician that you intend to hire is up to the task. You might be looking for a contractor that is familiar with home automation systems. Even if they don’t necessarily focus on that area of expertise, it is important that they have a working knowledge of your requirements.

Will You Provide References For Your Work?

One of the ways you can know that you’re working with an experienced electrician is by following up with the references provided. A contractor that can’t provide references means that they have nothing to show for their work. There is a high likelihood that they could be starting out and you’ll not want to be engaging such an electrician. It will be hard to gauge the quality of work that you can expect from an electrician and an easier solution would be to reach out to the references provided.

Who Will Do the Work?

There is a chance that you might have reached out to a company and you’re not sure of the person that will do the work. It will be wrong to assume that the person that you talk to will be the same doing the repairs or the installation. Make sure that you’re letting your concerns known upfront before you can make any commitments. The job might be requiring a master technician and it is important that you’re letting the company know so that there are no issues down the road.

Is There a Guarantee/ Warranty?

A pro electrician should be able to stand behind his or her work. This should be backed up by some form of guarantee. The guarantee should mostly be on the workmanship. You don’t want to be paying for the same fix when the electrician could have taken care of it in the first place.

How Will You Communicate the Progress?

This will mostly depend on the nature of the project. There are some projects that might require more than one electrician. You will always want to be updated whenever there are major milestones with the project. Make sure to get an electrician in Perth that is open and transparent with their processes. They will provide timely communication so that you’re always aware of what is happening with the repair or installation work.

Do I need a Permit?


In most instances, it will be the electrician that will handle everything to do with permits. There might be inspections that are needed. Since you’ll be paying for the service of the electrician, it will be up to them to ensure that the whole process is going smoothly. In addition to the license, most municipalities will require that the electrician is also obtaining permits depending on the nature of the work.

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