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Questions to Ask Before Replacing or Repairing an Appliance

Questions to Ask Before Replacing or Repairing an Appliance

Your Oven is not heating, Ice cream melting on your freezer, the dryer cannot stop spinning. If these problems occur more than once, you may think of making some appliance repair or looking for a new appliance. Sometimes we get too attached to our home appliances to the point that we are unwilling to let them go regardless of the expenses that come with repairs and electricity bills.

When should decide it’s time to let go of the appliance or choose to make minor changes and continue getting the services from the equipment. Here are some questions to help you decide if to dispose of the equipment and get a new one or make some repairs.

The questions to ask before repairing or replacing your home appliance.

  • What’s the cost of repairing?

The cost of repairing a home appliance will depend on the parts to be replaced and how serious the damage is. With the help of a professional, you can break down all the costs incurred to repair the appliance. According to some economists, if the cost of repair is more than 50% of the market price, you are advised to dispose of the appliance and buy a new one. If some of the critical parts have been affected, then it is ideal to buy a new one since it may break down again.
What’s the cost of repairing

  • How old is the appliance

As a homeowner, you cannot expect home appliances to serve forever. Most home appliances have a specific life span, and if they serve longer than that, you are lucky. So in case of breakage, it would be ideal for checking the number of years it has served. If it has served longer than the specified duration, then its time for a change. It would be a challenge to repair old appliances because there are new home appliances, and getting spare parts for the equipment might be a challenge. So check for the specified duration and make the decision if to replace or buy a new appliance.

  • Is your appliance energy efficient?

Things are becoming very expensive, and we are all looking for ways we can save by reducing our bills. Technology has advance and developed an appliance that can able to save lots of energy at the same time performing the same duties. Most of the old home appliances tend to consume lots of energy, making the homeowner incur lots of expenses. So if your home appliance has broken, you should check if it is energy-efficient or not, then replace it with a new machine.
Is your appliance energy efficient

  • Could your appliance be improved if maintenance were made?

In some cases, you do not have to replace the appliance. All you have to do some minor maintenance and improvement, and it can work just like new. For example, some of the dryers have to check the exhaust vent at least once in a year to ensure they are effective. The vent can be replaced to improve the life span and work effectively.

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