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Pro Tips on How to Save Money on Furniture

Buying furniture for your house can be an expensive task. Most pieces of furniture you see at the store can cost as much as a thousand dollars. However, there are several ways of adding furniture to your home that won’t break your budget and even save more from it.

These pro tips can get you the best pieces of furniture for your home. It will also help you save so much from it without reducing your home’s interior design quality.

Go for Slightly-used Items of Furniture

Go for Slightly-used Items of Furniture

Not all pre-loved pieces of furniture sold in bargains or garage sales have lesser quality. Although they may be used by someone else before you, most of these are still in tip-top condition. It only takes a little bit of cleaning, some good gluing and nailing broken parts, and it’s good for use again. These are sold at more than half the price of brand-new furniture, which means more savings for you.

Check Online Forums For the Best Deals

Online forums like Craigslist or Facebook groups have excellent furniture listing where some users sell their unused or unwanted furniture to others at lower prices. All it takes is some negotiation on picking up and payment, finding good deals and you’ll have great furniture that fits your home design in your budget.

It is a money-saving purchase as the price is already discounted from the years its previous owner has used it. Plus, these pieces of furniture have some great features like bed frames with drawers or cabinets with vanity tables. They are usually sold for fifteen hundred dollars, but you can get them from online forums for five hundred dollars. All these depend on price negotiations with the seller but, if you’re good at bargains, you’ll get it even less.

Choose a DIY Plan in Building or Customizing Furniture

If your handiness skills are over the charts, you would better have your furniture crafted from scratch. Most home designers prefer building drawers, tables, cabinets, or couch frames from scratch, as their building parts are cheaper. They save more money from building them than buying these from furniture stores plus fit them on their pictured design of the house. If you know much about carpentry or woodwork, then this could be a chance to show off as well.
Choose a DIY Plan in Building or Customizing Furniture
If you aren’t highly-knowledgeable in this field, you can still do some DIY by customizing furniture you’ve bought at bargain stores or garage sales. Everyone can admit that most of them are low in quality, but you can do something about it. You can paint that slightly-used furniture with new coats, attach some new handles on drawers and cabinets, and add some shiny coating or lamination to strengthen the surfaces and give extra protection to these pieces of furniture.

Sign up on Sites for Discounts and Cashbacks Furniture Online

While this means buying them brand new, most online furniture stores sell standard pieces of furniture for incredibly low prices. It is made possible by cashback and coupon-earning sites like Swagbucks or GoMontana, where you’ll answer short and simple surveys for purchase coupons. Amazon Prime members have discounts as well for furniture shopping and rebates for every purchase.

Your Family and Friends May have Some Furniture They Can Give You

It is not about getting your dad’s favorite couch or your mom’s stove. They may have some pieces of furniture they’re no longer using that they can give you to add some life to your home. An extra side table or couch or unused drawers stored in their attic can donate to you. You can clean it up, maybe customize it to how you want it to look, and voila! You have a new piece of furniture without spending too much.
Your Family and Friends May have Some Furniture They Can Give You


With all these tips, the best one is to become practical about it. There are many ways to have a comfortable and functional piece of furniture without spending all your money on expensive furniture boutique. You can have a cozy home with functional furniture, and it doesn’t take too much a dime to get it done.

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