Preventive Pest Control Service May Save Your Home

Taking care of a home takes a lot of work. Homeowners must think of all aspects of maintaining it. This includes checking it for pests, which is why getting a pest control service to take a look at your home is very important. Having pests in one’s home is in itself unpleasant, but it can do more harm than just that. It is possible to get your family sick. So, you should ask help to Phoenix pest control and get your house pest free.

Most homeowners would only get a pest control service when there’s already an infestation. While that is an acceptable way, it is more recommended that the home is regularly checked. Of course, it would depend on the homeowner. These decisions usually hinge on wanting to save money. But if you regularly have your home checked for pests, in the long run, it could be more affordable. It’s kind of like going to the doctor and having your health checked. It’s better to make sure that nothing’s wrong or to immediately catch the health concern, than finding out that you’re already too sick. That’s usually the more expensive part.

To help with saving money and time, as well, it is recommended to have the pest control service done during the warmer months, which is from August to December. This is the time when temperatures are high and when humidity is rising, which is also when pests come out. It is the perfect time to catch them and kill them. Doing a pest service during June to August, the colder months, might be a waste because pests are dormant then.

There are several pest control treatments that we recommend.

1. The Pest Control Gel Bait Application

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This is exactly what it sounds like. We bait the pests using gel. The gel dots are applied in all the nooks and crannies all over the home, like in the cupboards, or areas under the sink, places where people don’t really check often. They’re placed under shelves, pantries, hinges, cabinets, and other similar places. The pests will then eat them and get killed.

This is a recommended treatment because it lasts a long time. It only needs to be replaced every 12 months. After a year of application, they will be ineffective.

2. The Internal Perimeter Spray Treatment

This treatment contains cislin 25 and is put on bathrooms, kitchens, and around skirting boards. This is a treatment that is recommended and applied to ensure the fast killing of the pests that are in the house. But while it is incredibly effective during pest season, eliminating 50 to 80% of pest control activity in the house with an immediate effect of within 24 hours, it is only effective for two to four months.

This is not something to be worried about, though. It just means that you would have to supplement it with other treatments that would make the pest control in your home holistic.

3. The Roof Void & Wall Cavity Dusting Treatment

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For this treatment, a special machine is used, a 240V dusting machine. What is does is it blows a fine dusting application in the spaces between the ceiling and the roof structure, which is the area where pests try to enter a home. This machine also treats weep holes or weep-brick or cavity walls.

This treatment lasts for one year and helps stop new pests from coming into and settling in the home.

As mentioned earlier, just to reiterate because it is very important to ensure the effectiveness of the treatments, it is recommended to have any or all of these pest control treatments between August to December. It is also recommended that this is done as a regular service. Doing the treatments once or merely every so often is just going to waste your time and money because they might not be so effective if they are not done regularly. In doing it this way, it will be cost-effective.

All the three treatments mentioned are important and highly recommended. The Pest Control Gel Bait Application, the Internal Perimeter Spray Treatment, and the Roof Void & Wall Cavity Dusting Treatment work well together. The Internal Perimeter Spray Treatment can be the main treatment and then the Pest Control Gel Bait Application and the Roof Void & Wall Cavity Dusting Treatments will be the supplemental treatments to help ensure and secure your home from pests. There are several pest control companies like Pest-Ex Pest Control Brisbane that only hire qualified pest inspectors so you are confident that they deliver only exceptional service.

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