Pressure Washing Tips for Beginners

Pressure washing is an amazing solution to all kinds of dirt-related problems especially when your house looks grime even after buying it afresh. You have to keep in mind that the filthy look of your bungalow does not show your maintenance ability, rather it is so natural that houses will always be exposed to water, filth, and polluted particles from the air. Be it rainy, foggy, or sunny your house will shield you from all kinds of troubles and be shabby looking in return.

What to do then? Shall you just leave it as it is? Or, do something fast and effective to make your house look gorgeous as it was just after the purchase or construction. Pressure washing is the ultimate solution to it as it can remove old dirt from the exterior of your beloved house and give your living place a healthy and beautiful look.

But if you don’t know how to pressure wash, it will simply turn out to be destructive as pressure washing can damage the exterior of your building. So, you can hire professionals like Pressure Washing Orlando or simply do homework before starting a real job. Your prior experience will be a plus, but if you are just a beginner with zero knowledge about pressure washing just read this article till the end.  

What types of pressure washers should you choose?

There are two basic types of pressure washers based on gas or electricity. Pressure washers can be fueled both by gas and electricity, and these two types have advantages and disadvantages.

Gas pressure washers

Gas pressure washers 1

Gas pressure washers create higher pressure per square meter by pulling water per minute, in short; there will be higher PSI and GPM. Gas pressure washers wash speedily and more effectively, again, due to their cordless nature you don’t always need to be beside the power outlet.

Like everything else, gas washer pressure is also not beyond any limitation. These machines are noisier than the electric washer and indoor usage is very risky. Besides, gas pressure washers require periodical maintenance especially when you plan to use them for a long time.

Electric Pressure washers

These washers can be used indoors as they do not emit smoke plus maintenance is very easy, but electric pressure washers cannot clean bigger spaces and always require a power outlet. So, things can be a bit troublesome when you think about purchasing an electric pressure washer. Maybe, the bigger downside is its time consumption_ it takes longer to finish any task than gasoline engines.

Electric Pressure washers

Does size matter?

Yes, size matters in this case. Based on the types of your work and demand, you may choose from light-duty, Medium-duty, Heavy-duty, and professional pressure washers.

As a beginner, you can start with a light-duty pressure washer that can produce 2000 PSI and is suitable for cleaning small spaces and outdoor items. Electric machines can be effective in this case.

Again, if you want to clean a driveway or similar spaces like this you have to go for a medium-duty pressure washer which can create water pressure up to 2800PSI.

If you want to clean large areas, you will have to choose a Heavy-Duty Pressure washer that can generate 3300 PSI. These types of pressure washers are suitable for cleaning concrete-built large buildings.

As the name suggests, professional Pressure washers can make 3300PSI + pressure consistently. If you want to take care of the exterior of your house properly you can invest your money in this machine.

How to choose the nozzle?

The nozzle is important for controlling the angle of water and you may know that the delicate nature of the nozzle can finish your work beautifully or may damage the beautiful outer cover of your residence, and it is a matter of joy that if you know the nature of your work you can easily choose the right nozzle just by choosing the right color code of it. Different colors signify different types of utility.

There are Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Black colored Nozzles. These come with different functions, so choose wisely.

Red Nozzle can be harmful to your house as it has zero degrees angle, Yellow Nozzle is good for concrete wash, and Green nozzle is good for household activities such as car washing.

Again, white nozzles can be considered as the most user-friendly as these can create an angle up to 40 degrees. This kind of nozzle is suitable for window and side cleaning.

Finally, if you just want to make anything wet use Black Nozzle. It is very gentle and the spray it creates is so light that removing stains from the surface is impossible.

What else do you require?

Besides choosing the perfect pressure washer and nozzle you will require some more things such as a Turbo nozzle, Broom, wand, Soap Case, or detergent reservoir. All these equipment serve different purposes and will bring you different results.

Let’s go cleaning

If you have all the equipment ready you can start the cleaning process, but as this job is clumsy and dangerous you must be prepared with safety equipment too.

These machines create noise up to certain decibels and due to water pressure on the debris you may be sprayed back and get drenched with the muddy water, so use eye and hearing protection.

Again, it will be a very good idea to use both of your hands and stay away from the surface you are cleaning. Your hands will ensure a strong grip and your distance will keep your surface safer from strong water force.

Most importantly, if you are planning to clean the siding of an old house, I request you to cancel the plan and Consult a specialist like Pressure Washing Orlando because old paint which contains lead can fall off and lead to serious health crises.

Final thoughts

By pressure washing, you can clean the woods, concrete, and siding very easily. You just have to choose the proper gear and have the right attitude towards the machine. If you maintain your safety and do your homework according to your requirements you can choose the right machine for the right work

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