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Plumbing Priorities Before You Head Out for a Getaway

The season of summer has finally knocked on the door. All we dream of during sultry summers is to chill at a nearby location. Summer getaways have always been a thing be it just chilling at a riverside or trekking in snow-clad mountains. 

However, it is important to take care of a few things around your home before stepping out for a prolonged vacation. No, we are not talking about whether you keep your fan moving or lights on. 

We are also not talking about whether the stove and chimney are turned off. Or whether your doors and windows are properly closed or not. Have you ever paid enough attention to the plumbing requirements that you should look into before leaving for vacation? Yes, that’s right. 

It is important to draw your attention towards the plumbing priorities. Nobody wants to return home from a good relaxing getaway to a flooded home, ruined taps, and waterways, foul smell, fungus, etc. Before counting your dollars and repent, it is wise to know the plumbing priorities before you head out for a getaway. Here are some pointers.

Annual Maintenance of Water Heater

Many of us fail to schedule yearly maintenance of the water heater. Those who are not able to do so can take an opportunity to look into it while leaving for a prolonged getaway. Plumbers, who have expertise in water heaters, can examine the water leakage areas and establish a proper drainage system. 

Those who do not have sufficient time to do so can turn their water heaters off or put them on vacation mode. Conventional water heaters that function using electricity or flammable gas are the ones that consume a lot of energy in your home.

Turning it off while you are away won’t just lessen your chances of flooding your home but can bring down your service bill altogether.

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Turn off Water Supply

This is one of the best procedures to curb a major overflow of water in your home. Your pipes might be faulty, or the plumbing apparatus could have major leakage or bursts when you are away. Switching off the main water supply is the best solution. 

It prevents leakage of water into your home and results in a flood. However, it would be quite not possible to turn off the entire power supply if there’s an involvement of a pool pump. 

Hence, switching off the water supply at each juncture, as in, washroom, sinks, and washing machine would be ideal to decrease flooding if not stop it at all. It is advisable not to go through the hassle of turning off your water line just to get back from an enthusiastic trip and witness a flooded home due to leakage of pipes. 

It is incredibly important to switch off water lines, then separate the hoses and finally unload the outside faucets to clear the pipes.

Carry Out a Sump Pump Test

There can be storms in summer that can spring out from nowhere. As a result, there can be an overwhelming amount of rain in an exceptionally brief time frame. 

If the basement of your house inclines to flood, ensure your sump pump is functioning properly before you leave for a prolonged getaway. Give it a trial by emptying a huge bucket of water into the sump pit. 

Ensure it turns on and pumps the water away. You ought to keep battery backup devices ready! Just in case, the power goes off, these backup options prove as a boon.

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Cleaning of Drains and Gutters

Removal of debris, pebbles, or granular particles from gutters holds utmost importance to ensure there is no percolation of rainwater seeping from the roof and base. This assists in preventing water from flooding your home while you are away.

Any drain that has no water passing through in weeks or even months starts smelling bad and microorganisms take birth. It is not only an unpleasant experience when you come back from a long trip but it also gives rise to various diseases. 

Hence, it is advisable to contact a skilled plumber who would clean and sanitize drainage areas thoroughly. Proper health and hygiene should always be the first and foremost thing that needs to be ensured. 

Who would want to have a bad day after returning from a weekend getaway! Hence, plumbing priorities must be given a thought before setting out on an exciting voyage for summer vacation.

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