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Windows and doors are essential parts of any building; they are integral to the functionality of a house. In addition to functionality, windows and doors add to the aesthetic appeal of any building. Through the years there has been an evolution of different styles and materials of doors and windows.

Most often windows are not deemed complete if they do not have coverings. These covers/coverings also come in different sizes and shapes and have also evolved through the years. Just like windows, these coverings serve various functions such as providing privacy to a home, cooling or weather proofing and increasing the aesthetic appeal of a home. Click here for more details about different types of window covering or treatment.

There are different types of window treatments and shutter style treatment is one of them. In this article however, we will focus more on plantation shutters so stay with us.

What Is a Plantation Shutter?

A plantation shutter is a wooden slated blind that is set inside a frame and attached to a door or window frame. The slats or louvers in a complete plantation shutter can be adjusted to open fully or close fully.  They can also be slanted between fully closed or fully open to control the inflow of sunlight and airflow into a space/room.

There are different types and styles of shutters but the ‘Plantation’ variety are often broader than the colonial ones and they function differently. They are mostly considered best for weather proofing large homes and also keeping them cool during summer.

How Did Plantation Shutters Get Their Name?

Plantation shutters are believed to have originated from ancient Greece. This belief is based on the fact that ancient Greece experienced strong wind at daytime so homes needed strong window treatment to withstand the winds. Additionally, it was believed that people in those climes at that period had windows in their homes just for ventilation. That was also a major reason why the shutters had to be strong enough to withstand the unpleasant tropical storms that they experienced.

In the early days, these shutters were not made of wood like majority of the ones we have today. They were mainly constructed with marble and their louvers were fixed.  This material was later replaced by wood which gave room for moveable louvers that helped increased ventilation and air flow.

As time went on, plantation shutters grew increasingly popular until builders in America began to use them. The first people that used these shutters in America were rich plantation owners and that was how these shutters got to be known as Plantation shutters.

These window treatments continue to be popular in the South because of the stifling heat during summer. Visit this site for tips on how to keep your house cool during summer:

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Benefits of Plantation Shutters

The following are the benefits of using plantation shutters in your home:-


One thing that any house needs is privacy especially properties that are street facing. This style of shutters enables you see all that’s happening outside while maintaining your privacy. Additionally, you can adjust it to get any level of sunlight that you desire. More so, with the proliferation of styles that abound in the market these days, you can pick the level of privacy that you want.

Ability to Control Sunlight

In addition to privacy, shutters enable the homeowner to control the level of light that come into the house. Due to the design of this window treatment, the louvers can be adjusted to admit maximum light or closed to reduce light. Due to the fact that there times when you may want total darkness, you may consider integrating black out blinds to the back of the shutters.


No two windows are the same especially in older buildings. For this reason each window has to have its dressing individually made. So whether your window is warped or slanted, a plantation shutter can be fitted to it; this therefore makes them versatile.

Ability to Control Room Temperature

Plantation shutters help to provide an extra layer of insulation for your home by blocking too much sunlight during summer and keeping out the cold in winter. This extra barrier makes your home energy efficient and helps you save money. The good news is that this option is also eco- friendly.

Provides Additional Security

Plantation shutter offers extra physical barrier that stops nosy neighbours and passers-by from prying into the interior of your home. With this window dressing, your home has additional security because intruders or petty burglars cannot see into your home to ‘case’ it and plan a break- in.

If you live in a place where security is a big issue, you can opt for aluminium shutters which are quite sturdy and provide the needed protection.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

These types of shutters are quite easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe with a damp cloth or with a feather duster; there is no need for professional cleaning or special equipment. This is why it is a great option for high traffic parts of a home or property.

Choosing the Right Plantation Shutter

When building a house, homeowners consider materials that will be best for the house in every ramification. This is very important because building a house is a capital intensive project and as such should not be taken lightly. After the building is done, the next step that is equally important is the fittings in the house.

Having examined the benefits of these options for your window treatment, it is only wise that you look out for the best fit for your home. You visit websites of stores such as K&S Plantation Shutters or other brick and mortar home interior show rooms.

The two major things that you should consider when choosing this finishing for your home is the material the shutters are made of and the louver size. These two factors however are things we recommend that you discuss with a professional so that you can make an informed choice.


Most often people just go with the flow when it comes to trends whether in fashion or home decor. Furnishings and fittings in a home are things that most people do not often bother to know their origin/history. In this article, we have discussed how plantation shutter got its name and the benefits of using it. If you have been vacillating between different options to use for your windows, we hope this article has inched you closer to a more informed decision.

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