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The pool’s surround is integral to the entire experience of having the feature. Whether you make it large enough to have seating, perhaps a barbecue, or a place for accessories, plus this will be your walking space when entering/exiting the water, the structure will be a prominent aspect of the whole garden.

The material used for the structure should be appealing, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable and safe when walking on it. You don’t want something on which you’ll end up slipping or sliding when the surface gets wet, nor do you want something that burns your feet with the sun’s rays beating down on it.

The two most popular options for pool decks are timber and stone, either of which can be ideal for entertaining, comfortability, and overall design.

What you decide on will be based on a few variables, including the aesthetic you’re going for, maintenance of the material, preparation/construction of the structure, and on.

Each possibility has its own distinct advantages and downsides, with key differences separating them. Let’s look at paving and pool decking more in-depth, allowing for a more informed decision.

Pool Decking Or Pool Paving: Which Is Right For You?

Timber decking and stone paving can both surround a pool functionally. The two have the potential to fit in with the household architecture seamlessly as well as complimenting the aesthetic. Either can be comfortable and safe when the material gets wet or warm. So how does one pick one or the other?

When having a difficult time choosing between equally appealing options, it’s essential to weigh the good points against the downsides. You will become much more informed on the materials and be able to make a more educated decision.

Pool Decks Vs Paving 2

Find out whether paving or decking will suit you best at https://canberraweekly.com.au/how-to-choose-decking-lawn-or-pavers/ , and then let’s look at some key variables.

The materials

The primary difference between these options is the material. Decking is either a composite or a natural timber. The varied timber decking options include Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Treated Pine, and Blackbutt.

Many people choose to stain these in a variety of colours to fit the decking with the home’s aesthetic, plus it will protect the material into the future. With decking, you can use different lengths/widths for a range of styles.

Stone paving uses a range in the stone family from Limestone, Granite, Travertine, or Bluestone. These come in varied formats with the capacity for forming the structure into an assortment of unusual patterns to strike your fancy.

These are also available in different finishes allowing a non-slip surface for when the material gets wet.

The build

Constructing the two structures is an entirely different process. Paving is a ground-level surface, while timber decks are raised designs. That would be something to think about based on your pool type.

Paving would, of course, make sense surrounding an in-ground pool, while timber sounds wise for an above-ground version or in-ground. Timber uses posts to raise the decking and support the structure.

Stone paving requires excavating and creating a retaining wall before you can put in the stone. Read here for guidance on laying pool paving stones.

Labour can be exceptionally more for a paved surface compared to timber. It’s not unheard of to put timbers at ground level, but the ground must also be prepared with adequate drainage and proper weed/grass control to avoid rotted materials and unsightly growths.

Pool Decking

Pool decking is usually less expensive than stone paving. It offers a more natural outdoor aesthetic, meshing quite nicely as a pool surround.

Construction time, labour, and costs would be less intensive than constructing a stone structure, with timbers being much easier to adapt in uneven or sloped landscaping.

The material can be stained in a wide array of shades, making it readily appealing to the home’s design, and the natural style will work with virtually any architecture.

Pool Decks Vs Paving 3

The priority is to ensure that the material is pressure treated and sealed well if you opt to stain so it can stand up to the wet conditions without rotting. That’s also true if it will be situated at ground level.

It will need sufficient drainage and meshing to prevent the possibility of weeds and grass from growing up through the crevices. The lifespan of timbers is shorter than it is with paving, and timbers do require quite a bit of maintenance, particularly if the material is stained.

It must be sanded and re-stained periodically to avoid an unsightly appearance. You will be able to have varied lengths and widths, allowing for a unique look with your decking in virtually any style you choose.

Final Thought

When trying to decide between stone paving and timber decking, a few questions should come to mind before committing either way.

  1. What is the home’s architecture, and how do you want to tie the surround in to complement it? The pool takes up a large part of the garden. It and its features must tie in with the home’s entire aesthetic for a put-together look.
  2. Consider how you hope to use the space. Will you add seating and a barbecue? Remember that stone will need to be non-slip, and will it get too hot in the middle of the afternoon when you’re trying to walk on it?
  3. What’s your budget? Stone can be exceptionally expensive, while timbers are usually affordable, albeit it does depend on how the structure is ultimately constructed. If the surround will go on the ground, timbers and stone can be involved and somewhat costly ventures.

When you still have difficulty deciding, the ideal would be to speak with a specialist in the construction of these surrounds.

A professional can let you know the exact details of what each will involve, including costs, safety and comfortability, what’s available regarding aesthetics for each, and how these will need to be constructed for either an above or in-ground pool.

Another idea is to design a surround using a combination of the materials, unique and charming.

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