Split System Or Ducted Aircon?


Split System Or Ducted Aircon 1

Air conditioners are essential for improving indoor air quality. Various kinds are available for people who need them.

Ducted, split system, portable, window, and central air conditioning are options that can be considered. For more information on these options, you can visit: https://www.choice.com.au/.

However, some are more popular than others. Ducted and split system air conditioners (aircons) are very popular options. Both have peculiarities that make them different from each other.

Extensive knowledge of their features will enable you to make the right choice. To this end, this article will discuss which of them you should invest in by examining their pros and cons. So, continue reading to ensure that you make the right choice.

Should You Invest in Ducted or Split System Aircon?

Your needs determine which of these air conditioners is best for you. In light of this, here are a few pointers to which of these aircons you should invest in:

Cooling Very Large Areas

Ducted aircons will do a way better job when it comes to cooling very large areas or more than just one or a few rooms. So, consider it if this is a priority for you.

Air Control in Individual Rooms

You should opt for split system units if you need something that allows you to have greater control of air in individual rooms. The ducted option usually works by offering even air to all rooms. Of course, this is unless serious measures are put in place to zone the distributed air.


Ducted aircons have a discreet look, so there will be no issues with their appearance. The same cannot be said of split system aircons.

Easy Installation

The installation of ducted aircons can be very complex and complicated. This is especially because it relies heavily on ductwork. On the other hand, split system aircons offer very easy installation.


The main cooling equipment located in outdoor areas like the roof is the only thing that can generate noise with ducted aircons. As a result, ducted air conditioners should be considered by those who want something that would be noiseless.

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Pros and Cons of Split System Units

Its dual-part system is one of its major distinguishing features. It has an indoor unit that helps channel air outdoors towards the compressor that eventually redirects it after being cooled. There are strengths and weaknesses associated with this option. Starting with the pros, here are some of the things to know about this kind of aircon:


Simpler Installation & Cost-Effectiveness

Split system units do not require extensive stretches of ductwork. This is one of the reasons its installation is not as complex as the ducted option. As a result, it is cost-effective because of the simpler and less-demanding installation process.

Improved Zoning Capabilities & Energy Efficiency

Indeed, zoning is also possible with the ducted option. However, you get improved zoning capabilities with this option. This is considering how you can have one outdoor and indoor unit servicing the needs of just one room.

As a result, it turns out to be very energy efficient. This is given how you can switch on or switch off the system as occasion demands.


Questionable Aesthetics

They have a visible indoor unit that some people think is not aesthetically pleasing. For example, the color of the indoor unit may be at odds with the room’s dominant color. In such cases, it does not also help that this option does not have a discreet appearance.

Limited Coverage

They are great at improving indoor air quality in individual rooms. However, the same cannot be said of extending their reach to other parts of the building. Ducted aircons do a better job at this.

Noise Problem

For the record, this is more of a problem with previous models than with contemporary ones. However, even contemporary ones can soon develop this problem if they are constantly operated at peak fan speeds.

The Needs for Multiple Units

As a result of its limited coverage, it may be imperative to install multiple units all over the building. Besides the cost implication, this impacts ceilings or walls because of increased clutter.

Split System Or Ducted Aircon 2

Pros and Cons of Ducted Aircon

Ducted aircons operate using a centralized approach. A central unit is usually installed on the roof with stretches of ductwork linked to it. The ductwork helps connect various parts of the building to the improved air from the fan coil. There are pros and cons associated with ducted aircons and they include the following:


Extensive Coverage & Even Airflow

You can effectively cool your whole house with it. This means that you can maintain the same air quality throughout the whole house.


Noise can only emanate from one spot and that is the central cooling equipment. Given how it is usually on the rooftop or other far area, chances are that you will not be disturbed.

Good for Aesthetics

The only thing that you see indoors is vents that enable the distribution of improved air. This is unlike what you have with the split system which has a very visible indoor unit that may not be found attractive.



This kind of aircon is more expensive. For starters, its main cooling equipment costs more than the indoor and outdoor split units. In addition to this, its heavy reliance on long stretches of ductwork significantly adds to its installation cost.

Higher Maintenance Cost

Both the main cooling equipment and the ductworks have to be maintained more often. Its periodic maintenance cost is also more than what is obtainable with split system aircons.

Energy Inefficiency

The ability to improve the air quality of large areas is indeed an advantage. However, it could equally be a disadvantage if proper zoning measures are not taken. This is given how unoccupied areas will still be supplied with improved air.


Regardless of the choice you make between ducted or split system aircons, proper installation, repair, and maintenance services are required. You can check out this website for more information about this.

Are you faced with the dilemma of choosing between ducted and split system aircons? Then this article should come in very handy. This is considering how their pros and cons have been discussed. You are to make an informed choice bearing in mind the details here.

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