Plant Power! Why Plants May Be The Missing Must-Have For Your Modern Flat


Plants For Your Modern Flat 2

Most people have a base idea of what goes into designing a modern flats interior. You need trendy colors, eco-friendly decor pieces, and, of course, you need to have a theme. In 2023, it seems that the current themes that are in are a bit of Boho, a bit of architectural chic, and, of course, a mix and match of metal and brickwork. 

However, as you look around your newly put-together flat, you may be wondering, ‘what is missing?’ Have you considered that it might be a plant or 2?

Houseplants aren’t just for people who like a bit of greenery; they are striking additions to a room, and if you are a bit hip, they are one of the most popular and stylish items to invest in for your home’s decor. 

So, why is green in? Read on to find out!

Aesthetic Appeal

Mayfair interior designers will tell you that plants add a natural touch to modern home design, bringing a fresh and calming feel to any space. Incorporating plants into the interior design can create a visually appealing and relaxing environment, helping to reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being.

Of course, that is not to say that you have to stick to the basic peace lily (although that is pretty!). Why not go bigger, and have a Ficus tree placed next to the window in your living room? Or, why not choose plants that are unusual? Like a begonia red or a purple heart? 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a significant issue in modern homes, where airtight construction and synthetic materials can lead to harmful indoor air. Incorporating plants into modern home design can help improve indoor air quality by removing toxins from the air. Plants absorb harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia, which are commonly found in household cleaning products, paints, and synthetic materials.

Plants For Your Modern Flat 1

Increased Energy Efficiency

Plants can also help to increase energy efficiency in the home. Plants absorb carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis and release oxygen, helping to improve air quality and reduce the need for artificial ventilation. Plants also absorb heat and create a natural cooling effect, which can help to reduce energy consumption in the summer months.

Noise Reduction

Incorporating plants into modern home design can help to reduce noise pollution. Plants absorb sound waves, creating a natural sound barrier that can reduce noise levels in busy households or apartments. So, if you live in a city center or an urban area, having some plants on the windowsill or near a bay window may help to keep the noise levels down.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that incorporating plants into modern home design can have numerous health benefits. Exposure to plants has been linked to improved concentration and productivity, reduced stress levels, and an overall improvement in mental well-being. In addition, plants have been shown to improve physical health by reducing headaches, respiratory issues, and eye strain. So, that’s great news if you are a remote worker who has a home office; get those plants in there!

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