Planning to Get a Multipurpose Living Room: Check Out How to Design It

Most of us consider our home as a multipurpose space where we can do a lot more things than just using it for the purpose of eating and sleeping. It is more than that; precisely it is a “Safe Haven”. Now think of the living room. The living rooms in most of the cases become the favorite place for all the activities which is carried out in the house.

The top-notch interior design website suggests that one of the best ways to revamp the living room is to think out of the box. Think of the various ways by which you can make use of the spaces. This way it becomes easy to choose on the plans and layouts and the different use of classic functional furniture for making use of the space. Depending on the possibilities you must lay out the ideas of transforming your living room. Below mentioned are some the different ways of designing a multipurpose living room.

  • Choose a compact coffee table

A coffee table definitely looks simple and if you think in a different way, the coffee table can actually help in creating a functional space. But if you want to make your living room to be multifunctional then you have to manage for storage. Also, if you think in another way, you have to think about storing the bedding and pillows. For this purpose, all you can do is get a coffee table having a hard surface and hidden storage.
Choose a compact coffee table

Alternatively, you can go from shelves which will help in storing the knickknacks. Out of all these the best option is to buy an ottoman as it not only is a good option as furniture, but also it helps in hiding and storing things.

  • Importance of pull out couch

We all know about the advantages of sofa cum beds. It is one of the most useful pieces of furniture that you must own. The best thing about the sleeper couches is that it isn’t clingy. If you think that your house doesn’t have that enough space for you to have a guest, the pullout couches are the best option for you.

Moreover, it is not a good idea to let your guests stay in a claustrophobic way in your house. The sleeper sofas are available in the market of different designs and prices and you can definitely incorporate them in your house, especially for the guests. It also saves a lot of space, so it is an added advantage.

  • Make use of the side tables as stools

Who doesn’t like to throw parties in their house, isn’t it? But at times due to the issues of small spaces, it becomes really difficult to manage parties and receiving a lot of guests in the house. You can utilize the side tables as stools for sitting purpose. They not only are compact in size but also are multifunctional.

Perfect for the houses lacking space, these side tables are really handy and are extremely lightweight so you can carry them anywhere easily. There are plenty of chic options inside tables in the market which you can use as a stool.

  • Invest in an expandable table

Invest in an expandable table
If you are planning to arrange a dinner party at your house but worried about the dinner space and managing guests within the space, then you must replace your old dining table with the expandable table. It is perfect for two people to have dinner and also if you are going to receive guests for that amazing dinner party which you had planned for, then you can easily serve the whole group.
So at the time of your room rearrangement switch your old dining table with the expandable table for which you don’t have to worry about storing. You can choose from a wide range of expandable tables available in the market which are absolutely small and easy to store but is not bigger than a console table.

  • Make room for everything

When it comes to storing things, we all think of the living rooms. It becomes the first place to store random things. In case you want to keep your electronic things away, it is best to get an entertainment cabinet having doors for your living room area. These cabinets’ help in keeping things clean without cluttering them up. The modern-day cocktail tables are provided with drawers in which you can store the game controllers and the television remotes.

Alternatively, you can also store the charging cables and earphones inside the drawer. All the wall-mounted televisions own a huge opened up space in the console for the purpose of storing various other items. Make use of it for the purpose of displaying the accessory pieces, family artifacts and lots more.

  • Go for Modular seating

When it comes to multifunctional furniture, the sectional sofa’s can be considered as the perfect example. The sectional sofas are very flexible when it comes to usage. As per your need, you can either separate the pieces for creating multiple sitting spaces or you can also push them together for getting that cozy couch feeling which is perfect for watching TV.

Alternatively, if you are planning for a dinner party, then you can separate them and keep out of the way as they are less bulky so you can easily move them. Most of the renowned Interior Designers Mumbai would also recommend modular furniture for the living room.

  • Get a room divider

Get a room divider
Don’t confuse these with the room dividers which are clingy bulletin boards mostly found in an office. Choose a classic and heavy duty room divider as per your room décor. Putting up the room dividers don’t look good all the time. But if you want to create a multipurpose living room by dividing your room into playing and eating area, then these room dividers are the wisest options to choose.

Plenty of budget-friendly and attractive room dividers are available in the market which you can incorporate in your house which not only looks stunning, but also is a good option for creating a functional space.

Hence, these are some of the quirky functional ideas if you want to turn your living space multifunctional. With innovative thinking and artistic mind, you can definitely bring out that multifunctional space in your living room.

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