Planning a Vacation to New York? Here Are The Best Options Under $150 Per Night!

Known by a wide array of names; the big apple, the empire city or the city that never sleeps, there is never a doubt in anyone’s mind about the city in topic. New York City. From its beginnings, to the important role is has played as the main point of entry for immigrants in the 20th century New York is as iconic as a city on this globe can be. Dotted with famed streets in the likes of 5th avenue, world famous neighborhoods such as Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, and Manhattan, and an endless supply of the best museums in the world, it is of little wonder that is it the most visited city in the United States. Its charm and people has been drawing people from across the globe over the last century.


Preparation for vacation or travel.

As any good traveler will tell you, preparation is the key to ensuring you enjoy your vacation. New York City moves at a very fast pace compared to many other cities around the globe. While planning your vacation, do enough to ensure that your itinerary takes into account all the factors that might arise during your journey. These bottlenecks usually occur where there are issues with transportation or accommodation. As transportation is now and on-demand service available at the touch of our phones, it is much easier to clear up any issues or find an alternative option. The same cannot be said when setting up your hotel booking, or sorting out your accommodation requirements.


As one of the most if not the most famous city on Earth, New York has a wide range of accommodation choices available to all types of travellers. Keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, options doesn’t necessarily always translate into lower prices. Affordable choices are available though. The Hampton Inn by Hilton is based in Brooklyn and offers one of the lowest room rates in the borough starting at $136 for a room inclusive of bed and breakfast, this is along with the amenities and facilities expected of a Hilton brand. When in Manhattan, one should consider a room at the Gatsby Hotel in the lower east side of the island, rooms at the Gatsby begin at a modest rate of $126 per night for a single room, with access to the hotels facilities.

The Best

The Best
If you have your heart set on staying in Brooklyn, look no further than the Condor Hotel through . This new boutique hotel is located in the heart of Brooklyn with sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge. This hotel offers some of the best amenities and services in the world to ensure you’re well rested enough to conquer your day. Room amenities include 350 thread count linen, individual climate control, massaging shower heads, as well as a full kitchenette and an office space that includes a desk, voicemail with remote access, data port and free Wi-Fi.


When planning your trip to New York City do make sure to book all of your requirements ahead. Even though a lot of accommodation is on the higher end from a price point, most hotels offer generous discounts when booking in advance. The Condor hotel for example offers discounts ranging from 10% for bookings of three days or more to 20% for bookings that are made 45 days in advance.

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