Pest Control: Time For Common Insect Prevention in Your Home

With the beginning of the spring season, new life comes forth. However, the magical and beautiful scenery and surrounding facilitated by the season may bring along with it some undesirable guests in the home. While the spring season invites you to the outdoor, it also signifies to insect that it is okay to come out to play.

With their activities comes the search of food and a greener pasture which may lead the insects into your home, a rather unwanted development which requires that you hire expert Pest Control Brampton Exterminator.

However, to ensure that your home does not become a shelter to insects and their activities, there is the need for you to put in place the best pest control practice which is prevention.

To help you prevent against infestation of pests and insects in your home this spring, below are some of the most common pests and ways you can control them from your home.



Ants are known to live in both indoors and outdoor spaces. Year after year, ant pest control continues to climb atop the list of pest control service needs for homes and this is more reason why you should take precautions to protect your indoor space from infestation. With over 80 percent of homeowners registered to be dealing or have dealt with ant problems in their property, the easiest way to prevent against such infestation or recurrence is to eliminate inviting factors such as food crumbs, wastes, sticky countertops, and improperly sealed food. It is important to note that once there is one ant, it is only a matter of time before there is an infestation. You may also schedule regular pest control service to ensure that the indoor space is protected.


Termites are characteristic of every state in the United States, except in Alaska. Termites are known to destroy wood and are common springtime pests that should be kept away. Due to their activities, termites are described as largely destructive and aren’t easy to find and treat. To protect your home, it is recommended that you put in place termite prevention techniques, especially as termite remediation is most often times not covered by home insurance. Homeowners should watch out for termites by taking note of some of the common signs indicating their presence including piles of discarded wings from swarms, mud tubes, damaged or hollowed wood and more.


Mosquito infestation is one of the biggest problems of outdoor leaving and when left untreated, it can also migrate into the indoor space thus causing a significant drop in quality of life and also posing health risks. Mosquitoes are capable of spreading a host of diseases including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and the West Nile Virus. To prevent against mosquito infestation, there is the need to understand that they favor stagnant water as breeding ground and this is a more reason to eliminate standing water around the home. As part of prevention techniques, it is also recommended that you mow your lawn properly, clear leaves and other debris away from the surrounding and keep vegetation away from your foundation. You may also wear mosquito repellants to protect yourself or rely on a long term solution as provided by pest control experts in the area.


Cockroaches are most commonly referred to as the most disgusting pests. Cockroaches are capable of transmitting a wide range of diseases which are health risks to humans. While cockroaches are classified under the biting and chewing insects, they are capable of spreading allergies and asthma, bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. Cockroaches love humid, waste areas and this is more reason to keep the home clean and in perfect hygienic condition. Ensure that food waste and trash are properly disposed off far away from the home. In the event of infestation, call on experts to handle extermination needs to improve the health of residents.


Ticks have eight legs and are vicious pests. They latch on to a person or animal and feed off the host’s blood. Tick borne infections have been placed between 22,500 to 48,600 which makes them a significant health threat to humans and animals alike. Being the most common carrier of the Lyme disease, it is recommended that you protect yourself from being bitten by these pests. While they are common in wooden areas, it is recommended that you call on pest control experts to handle tick problems in your surrounding areas. If you must be outdoor in tick infested areas, it is recommended that you wear insect repellant with DEET, picaridin, or IE+R35353.

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