Personalise Your Kitchen With These Fresh Design Ideas

If cooking in your stale kitchen leaves a bad taste in your mouth that has nothing to do with the food, you should consider doing some changes. When was the last time you reshaped the outlook of your kitchen? Is this not the same place you have been walking in and out of for the last months and years? Well, about time you did something to freshen up the place. Here are some ideas to motivate you and stimulate your imagination in the process of re-designing the kitchen.

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Before anything starts, consider cleaning the place. Refreshing is not all about changing the vision of the place, but making it a better one as well. And you do not have to wait for spring cleaning to do so. Gear up, mop the floors, wipe the windows, get a microfiber cloth and go through all the surfaces to remove dust. And since you will be moving things around, you may even opt to empty all the drawers and cabinets and clean inside. Don’t bother placing everything back, you can do that after the redesigning. If you can’t be bothered with any of this, get a cleaning agency – to do a quick job of it for you.

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Once the cleaning is done, time to brainstorm for ideas. Think hard about what could make your kitchen a better place to cook in. How about moving the counters around. Maybe replacing them with a big table and placing it in the middle of the kitchen to make it a room focus and order the rest around it. This will definitely ensure you less dullness as such a placement will bring plenty of motion during cooking.

kitchen is set up with the big dining table in the middle of the spaceImage Source By Coco Lapine Design

Speaking of motion, you can equip your kitchen with different space savers like wall shelves, racks and some stands for the herbs, saltier and spices. There will be much less clutter in the cabinets if all the pans and pots are hanging on visible racks in plain sight, and this will ensure much less time spent going through cabinets and drawers looking for things in all the cutlery piles. Using shelves will give you the opportunity to keep your cookbooks around so that you can look up every now and then some recipe you are unsure of. And speaking of racks, how about installing a wine rack in your wall? This will save you so many trips down the damp cellar, and save you much effort.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Idea with Red and Black Kitchen Cabinet DecorationImage Source By Glub Dub

Check the market for some new stylish furniture you can use for the kitchen. How about adding a liquor bar on one side? You can add a few high chairs with it as well, and make the kitchen look more fancy, not to mention that now you can spend more time there with a guest, and the living room will no longer be your only option. Think about changing colours here and there as well – every new thing you add will be welcomed and you will appreciate the change.

new stylish beach style kitchen furnitureImage Source By DJE Design

Personalise the kitchen as much as you want; make it an old school cooking palace, or a new age kitchen-bar mix, or whatever else you want. There are as many options to do so as your imagination can handle, so delve into the depths of your creativity and start reshaping.

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