5 Thrifty Home Decor Ideas for Renters


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“As a true home lover, while living in a rental apartment or flat, you always miss out that personal touch, don’t you? However you don’t go for its renovation due to the constrained budget. But here we have some easy and affordable home decor ideas for renters to adorn personal space at nominal cost.“

Being staying in a rented property is always a cosy experience. Unlike self-owned properties, rented properties never compel you engaging into onerous maintenance procedure.

But to some tenants, having an appealing home depicting a venerating personal touch is significant. If you too want to redecorate your rented property at a depleted cost, here are a few affordable home decor ideas for renters.

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1. Keep it Neutral :

The basic thumb rule to achieve an eye-bubbling rental home is to keep the theme neutral. Making major changes to a rental property can make your landlord react furiously so don’t adorn with fascination rather, work on with a neutral touch. Use neutral paint colors that make it easier to form a graceful and pulled-together look. Furniture should also be neutral to attract the people of taste and textures.

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2. Use Temporary Wallpapers :

Getting the entire walls painted can cost you very heavily and you won’t love to invest this hefty sum on just a rented property. The other ways to paint your imagination is to use temporary wallpapers which are easy to apply and easy to remove. Just apply your favourite screen with your preferred lion-printed shade, fairy world, or a simple oceanic view. It’s all up to you. You can find a lot of low-priced wallpapers which can leave a major blow at trivial cost.

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3. Abandon the shabby kitchen cabinet knobs :

You are just stuck to the dilapidated, builder grade kitchen knobs that are found in your cabinets. Just switch them and see how drastically the overall look of your kitchen gets changed in just a couple of hours. Make sure that you give a space to the old hardware so that it could easily be replaced while moving out.

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4. Go for the cheap-priced art prints :

If you are a true art lover then you can easily find your favourite art on various sites which can quickly add a refreshing life to the looks of your walls. Just bring the antique items if possible but don’t invest much on them since they can sometime badly ruin your pocket.  So take care of your budget too.

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5. Modernize the lighting scheme :

A large number of rentals are equipped with the dreadful and lower quality fans and lights which result in ruining the look of a home. It’s mandatory to swap out those fixtures with the new and stylish pendants or some kind of sophisticated lampshades that could harmonize the overall furnishings of the home. Bid adieu to the old and boredom fixtures and come up with the new one. Moreover, you can also try out the hanging plug in the wall sconces in the lobby or above the settee.

Modern lighting scheme

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