Perfect Gifts for New Homeowners

Are you looking for perfect gifts for new homeowners? Wanna make yourself the best guest ever through an awesome housewarming gift? We’ve got some awesome ideas to inspire you!

It’s well-known that moving is tough. Even despite the fact usually it’s a new start in our lives, the experience of carrying all your belongings from one place to another, getting used to another house and a new neighborhood is never as easy as we’d wish.

That’s why it’s such a great idea to support someone having a new home, help out your new homeowners by giving them cute but so useful housewarming gifts. And if none of the following tickle your fancy, maybe talk to Hampers Across Melbourne.

We’ve got a bunch of cool gift ideas:

1. Ombre Vase

A vase is a very useful home décor detail that every home needs – you can buy one or create a nice DIY vase. If you want to impress new homeowners, opt for the second variant and put a pretty bouquet inside it.
Ombre Vase

2. Cup Set

Here’s an idea of thoughtful housewarming gift on a budget. Personalized, quirky, and practical – a perfect combination that leaves no one indifferent.
Cup Set

3. Cookery Book

A good trusted cookbook is always in need, so you won’t go wrong with this option.
Cookery Book

4. Home Doormat

A doormat with a welcoming sign is one of the best gift ideas for new homeowners ever. It’s a detail that truly makes a home a home. Even if they already have one, they’ll be happy to remember they’ve got another one in reserve as it wears out after a while.
Home Doormat

5. Kitchen Towel Set

Everyone needs dish towels, but if this gift seems too boring for you, consider personalized funny towels with witty signs. These cotton squares will spice up any kitchen décor and cheer up everyone at the next dinner party.
Kitchen Towel Set

6. Wine Glasses Set

Here’s the easiest way to find a common language with your new neighbors: buy a nice set of glasses, don’t forget to bring a bottle of good wine, help them relax after the move, and break the ice meanwhile.
Wine Glasses Set

7. Google Home

If you wanna present a really useful gift and the price is not an issue, Google Home could be an awesome variant. This fantastic home assistant makes daily routine twice more comfortable, so it definitely is a win-win option.
Google Home

8. Key Holders

Such creative wood key-holders is a wonderful housewarming idea. Besides, it’s a great solution for frequent key-loser too: now all the keys are hanging in place.
Key Holders

9. Cozy Throw Blanket

This knotted knit throw is an incredible and versatile option. A Netflix night with tea, a cozy brunch with friends, or reading your favorite books in the garden get much better with this woobie. Make your new neighbors feel cozier, calmer, and absolutely welcome.
Cozy Throw Blanket

10. Cutting Board in Style

There are thousands of ways how to update a trivial cutting board. All you need is to surf the net and choose some unboring design to cheer up new homeowners.
Cutting Board in Style

11. Creative Bed Sheets

Creative & high-quality sheets will help them make their new accommodation and get them to feel like they’re snoozing on cloud nine.
Creative Bed Sheets

12. A Fancy Candle

Thinking over ideal housewarming gifts for women? There’s no safer and more traditional gift idea for this case. Nevertheless, it always works! When in doubt, choose fancy candles and don’t rack your brain anymore.
A Fancy Candle

13. Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is that luxury they probably don’t have but will definitely enjoy. Can afford such a pricey housewarming gift? Just go for it!
Coffee Maker

14. Bath Bombs

Present new homeowners a little bit of relax with such a wonderful treat-yourself gift.
Bath Bombs

15. A Tool Kit

And, finally, the most practical and non-romantic gift idea for new homeowners – a tool kit. Despite every house does need a set of tools, far not every house has it.
A Tool Kit

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