Passive Income Through Digital Assets

Do you think it is possible to earn money without working? When we talk about passive income, we mean the possibility of generating income without your work or effort, and despite the fact that it sounds unreal, today many people enjoy financial freedom thanks to their residual income.

In other words, passive income is all those amounts of money you receive in your bank account without the need for a recent job or effort. However, it must be made clear that passive income does not mean that you will not have to do anything at all to obtain them, and that these will appear magically in your bank account.

What do Passive Income Consist of?

What do Passive Income Consist of

Unlike the active income, which requires your work, effort and constant dedication, the residual income consists of amounts of money that you receive periodically, without having recently worked to generate them.Specialists, economists or financial analysts speak of passive income as “the obsession of the rich,” who devote an important part of their lives to investing in everything that can put money in their pockets.

speaks to one of the most checked contrasts between individuals who are monetarily fruitful and the individuals who live in monetary pressure. Go out at to purchase resources that produce lingering salary to serenely live the remainder of individuals’ lives.

ObtainedPassive Income

Although passive income is obtained without the need to work directly, as we already mentioned, they do not appear in your account without you having made a series of decisions and actions consistent with your money.

That is, to learn how to generate passive income you must visit how money works, and then use this knowledge so that it starts working for you.

Some ways to Generate Passive Income are:

The Investment of Money in Assets:

For example, the purchase of a house, an apartment or other property and then rent it and receive money monthly for this concept. Here we leave you a guide to make money with real estate investments.

The Investment of Money in Shares:

In this case the money will be generated from the dividends that are paid monthly for being part (owner, partner, shareholder) of a company or organization.

The Investment of Money Owning a Business:

It is a medium or long-term alternative, since it implies that you learn How to Start a Business, develop it, grow it and hire people who are responsible for running it.
The Investment of Money in Shares
Additionally, you can generate passive income with other types of activities. For example, if you are a professional, you can develop online courses; or if you have skills with letters, you can write a book.

Even with a YouTube channel with evergreen content – which does not expire – it is possible to obtain what is also known as residual income.

Examples of Passive Income:

On this subject there is a world of possibilities, the options are varied where there are different degrees of difficulty, which depend on the opportunities and knowledge of each one, but that in general, will help you generate residual income in the future.

An own Company:

It is the dream of many people around the world, because it not only implies the possibility of ending that direct dependence on an employer, but also an important source of passive income once you have reached that necessary balance point with a good team of work that can be taken over.

Collection of Copyright or Royalties:

This is possible through inventions or artistic creations; It also applies to book authors, to movie makers or song authors, as it is something that was done once but that every opportunity that is used by another person involves the payment of what is known as royalties or royalties.

Applications for Smartphones:

Applications for Smartphones
It is an option that has become very popular in recent years and that implies the monetization of these inventions that are highly demanded by the many mobile phone users.

The choices you need to create pay through a portable application are the volume of downloads in various online stores, sell items inside a similar application, band together with brands and gather their quality in the App, among others.

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