Party Decoration Guidelines

Party Decoration Guidelines

Do you intend on hosting a party but you’re unsure about how to approach decorating? Even though having a party is certainly stressful, once you have a successful party it is quite satisfying. With that said, you don’t need to spend a lot on one-use items and you can make the best of the things you already have available. So, we will now take a look at a couple of guidelines and tips to help you fully decorate your home without going over budget. 

Decide on a theme

There are many places where you can get ideas for your party such as on social media. Now, before you start IG scrolling, you need to think about the theme you’re most interested in. You also need to consider the type of party, meaning if you’re hosting a wedding anniversary party or a party for a kid’s birthday. You also need to determine if you want to go with a casual styled party or if you would prefer a particular theme. Once you take the time to truly think about your options and niche down, it will make the rest of your decisions much easier. 

You may come across dozens of ideas for decorating but unfortunately, you can’t implement all of them. Instead, think briefly about what you want and that will not only save you a lot of time but also help you to narrow your focus. You can add a little atmosphere with smoke cannons in many colours

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DIY approach

Now, even if you’re not a typically DIY type of person, this is a phenomenal way to save a ton of cash. Additionally, you can get your friends, family and even kids to help you and make it a fun activity. 

In order to make decorations you will need some raw materials such as glitter, colored paper, kite paper, scissors, glue, string and more. You can easily find these items tucked away around your home. With these materials you can make decorations such as:

  • Words made out of paper or cardboard
  • Ornaments
  • Flowers
  • Glitter decorated cups
  • Garlands hanging from the ceiling

Food buffet

Next, you should also decorate the food buffet at your party and it can easily be the main attraction. It is quite simple to decorate and you can get very creative. 

If you want to have a classier buffet at your party you can use decorations such as rose petals, flowers, fancy folded napkins etc. If you’re having a very colorful party, then you can use colored plates, cups, straws, umbrellas and more. 

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Photo Corner For IG Photos

One way to know that you’ve done a fantastic job on decorations is if your party makes an appearance on Instagram. Whether your decorations are good or not, you can rest assured that photos will still be taken. So, it is best that you provide beautifully decorated backdrops for your guests to enjoy and take as many beautiful pictures as they want. 

You don’t need to have complex decor and it can be as simple as some decor on your wall. You can use balloons or even large balloon words or even actual themed photos. Once your decor looks interesting and fun, you will certainly have lots of people checking them out throughout your party. 


Lastly, even if its not possible to have your party in a garden, it is possible to have some nature elements inside. For example, you can add plants and even floral bouquets inside of your party area. These flowers would make fantastic centerpieces that would light up any room. You can even place flowers or plants near your entrance and exit, windows etc.

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