Painting Your House – Do You Need a Ladder or Scaffolding?

When painting your house, you always want to achieve a perfect finish, and one way to attain this goal is deciding whether you need a ladder or scaffolding. Painting can be a challenging and risky job because it would mean working at height.

In this post, you’ll learn the best route to paint your house, either using a ladder or a scaffolding, by knowing their advantages and disadvantages.

Ladder vs. Scaffolding: Reaching Certain Sections

Of course, the first choice for the majority of homeowners is to use a ladder to paint the exterior of their houses. First of all, it’s widely available. You can purchase one for yourself for long-term use or borrow your relative or neighbor’s ladder.
Ladder vs. Scaffolding

However, as you paint your house halfway through, you eventually realize you can’t reach certain sections and call up a professional scaffolding company, such as Royston Scaffolding Ltd, to supply you with scaffolding.

Here are the reasons why using a long ladder can be restrictive:

  • It’s tricky and tiresome juggling carrying the paint can or container and paintbrush up and down a long ladder.
  • Painting small patches is exhausting because you can only paint one section at a time.
  • Cleaning and preparation can be time-consuming and tiresome too.
  • When the environment is harsh, such as windy weather, painting using a ladder can be tough.

Ladder Vs. Scaffolding: Accuracy, Balance, and Stability

Professional painters or those in the painting business in the past use ladders because scaffolding was not quite popular yet, and many are already convenient using ladders. And yes, they do their jobs perfectly, using many ladders though. If you want to achieve a great painting job that won’t waste your time and provide you the balance and stability you’ll need, you need different ladders that can do the turns and twists.

For instance, you’ll need a 25-foot ladder, in which the legs can be extended, so if you want to go up, you could use the extension ladder. Also, you’ll need a ladder that you can bend in different ways, such as a 32-foot ladder, an 8-, a 6-, and two 3-foot ladders, to paint a 3500 square feet exterior house accurately in five days with some hands to help you.
Ladder Vs. Scaffolding safety
Here are the advantages of using scaffolding over ladders:

  • Scaffolding is a secured structure, providing a safe environment even during a challenging weather condition.
  • Lay your paintbrush and paint tin by your side without tiring and straining yourself.
  • Get to paint hard-to-reach areas safely and accurately.

Ladder Vs. Scaffolding: Safety

Ensuring your personal safety is a must, and so as the people around you, like your children and even your pets, using scaffolding is a smart choice. Safety should always be every homeowner’s priority. Don’t sacrifice this aspect just for a more accessible and cheaper option, most especially if you’ll need to paint a house with two or more floors.

Here are the other important considerations when choosing between using a ladder or a scaffolding when painting your house:

  • Time and Energy: How long can you go up and down a ladder to finish the painting job? Using a ladder can take you a couple of days, not to mention the weather factor.
  • Weather: If the weather is unpredictable in your area, you might consider choosing one that can provide you quicker results, which is scaffolding. With scaffolding, you can finish the paintwork in one or two days.

Ladder Vs. Scaffolding: Budget

When considering a painting job, you have to set a budget for the paint, paintbrush, and other things you’ll need. That’s why proper planning is crucial to avoid delays and to start and end the paintwork right.

While using a scaffolding could mean an extra cost, the price still varies depending on how much scaffolding you’ll need and the size of your house. You can always ask a trusted scaffolding company that offers a free quotation service.

Also, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice to assess your painting project scope and situation. By doing so, you’ll have a good idea of how much budget and time you’ll need to prepare for your project.


While ladders make a cheap and accessible option, using scaffolding when painting your house has a lot of advantages. You’ll save time, money, and effort tremendously while ensuring your safety. No more frequent shifting, tiring up and down movements and delayed work. It would mean quicker and more accurate results within a few days. Scaffolding makes your best option because of its durability, security, and reliability.

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