Outdoor Parks to Visit in Griffintown

Three new parks are being built in Griffintown starting in 2018, in addition to the ones that have dotted the city. If you live in one of the condos in Griffintown, you can walk to a nearby park to relax, play with your kids or spend the afternoon with friends.

Here are some of the best parks you can go to:

1. Place des Bassins. Many people love this relaxing park. You can read a book, have a picnic or just take a nice walk. It’s been fixed up, and now it’s more beautiful than ever before.
Attractions here include bike paths for the more active visitors. For the more sedentary park visitors, there’s a boutique with free Wi-Fi. There’s a canal as well for some water activities.

2. Parc du Bassin à Gravier. This is an excellent place for families, especially for those with toddlers. The park has water sprinklers along with a nice area reserved for children and small tots. With lots of open grass space, this will make you feel a lot freer after being cooped up in an office.

This also has a water fountain, and many of the kids play water games. It’s also great for kids who love climbing.

3. Olier Dog Park. Condos may not always have ample space for dogs, especially for large breeds. So why not walk your pooch here, where even bigger dogs along with their smaller counterparts can run around and play all day. In the summer, the green grass is perfect for some frolicking. Yet it’s even more perfect with soft snow.

If you ever visit here, you may notice that even the regular park-goers are quite friendly. So come on down, and your dog may not be the only one to make new friends.

4. Site Archéologique de la Pointe des Seigneurs. This offers lots of grassy open spaces, along with a sand area for kids to play in. You can relax here, or take a walk to enjoy the clean air. You should try to walk or stay near the canals because the views there are terrific. Cycling enthusiasts will also find bike paths to use.

5. Parc de Chien Lucien L’Allier Dog Park. It doesn’t look like much for most people, but for dogs, it seems like a heavenly place to run around and play. It’s mostly gravel, so dogs can run and dig with no trouble at all. There’s a water fountain too, which is delightful for the dogs and their human companions.

The people here are also quite friendly, so making friends isn’t a problem. During the holidays, many of the park regulars organize get-togethers during the holidays. If you’ve just moved in, this park can give you a new set of friends right away. Your pet dog will find new friends too.

6. Parc Bonaventure. This park is only a few years old, and many love to relax here. Adults get to enjoy and work out in an outdoor gym, while there’s a playground for the younger kids. There’s a water fountain too. Despite the gym and the playground, it’s rarely crowded, so you can truly enjoy the feeling of open space as you relax here.

Sometimes you need to take a break from watching TV all day. If you want to relax, get a bit of exercise or simply enjoy all the wonders that nature has to offer, check out any of these parks.

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