Necessary Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioners Before The Summer Starts

With the Summer months approaching, you know that your air conditioner must be in top form to bring you some much-needed relief during those scorching hot days. For most air conditioning systems, especially central AC units, it’s best a professional inspect the unit and ductwork to check if it is operating effectively to get the most out of it. For window or portable AC units, you can do some of the basic repairs yourself. Heavy maintenance, however, is best left in the hands of the professionals. In the meantime, there are some maintenance tips you can follow.

Changing The Filters

Regular cleaning and changing of the filters are essential; otherwise, the airflow from the air conditioner will be weak and ineffective. Clogged coils or filters are placing the unit under more pressure to rack up enough energy to cool your home. The filter must be checked at least every thirty to sixty days to see if it is dusty or dirty, especially with kids and pets in the house. With portable or wall-mounted air conditioners, the unit must be opened, and the filter is removed for cleaning, round about every two weeks. Simply dust the filter off, rinse it under soapy, lukewarm water and put it back once it has dried off completely.
Changing The Filters

Cleaning The Coils

Coils have the function of removing cold and hot air; that’s why it must be checked for dirt and dust regularly. In a central AC unit, the outdoor condenser can be cleaned easily before contacting a Reliable Air & Heat specialist to inspect the remaining parts in the unit. Inspect the unit for signs of grass clippings, dirt or any other particles that may be blocking the exterior fins. Switch off the unit and spray it down with a hose, carefully, not to get any water on the electrical box. It must be dried thoroughly before putting it back on. For portable and window units you must open the ac unit to reach the coils inside. Take a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt from the coils and a spray bottle with soapy water for additional dirt. The outside fins of window units must also be cleaned in the same way.

Checking That Nothing Is Blocking The Airflow

Checking That Nothing Is Blocking The Airflow
The airflow of a cooling system is critical for it to work optimally. Make sure that there is no furniture pieces, clothing items, books, or other items blocking the unit’s vents. For the outdoor unit of a central AC system, there must be at least a twelve-inch clearance surrounding it.

Check For Issues Continuously

Icy coils, leakages, and weak airflow are all signs of a clogged filter or a blockage in the AC unit. Leaks in the central AC system could be an indication of the pumps or tubes being blocked or damaged. In such a case, you’ll have to contact a professional air conditioning repair company. Freon generally lasts forever, so if the levels are too low, it means it is leaking. A professional must then inspect the unit for the cause.

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