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Natural Stone Restoration and It’s Long- Lasting Benefits

Natural stone is one of the most elegant materials for building construction. With the variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, natural stone can easily spiff up spaces — whether residential or commercial. Aside from injecting a touch of class and grandeur, it also gives character to spaces.

Natural stone surfaces are easy to maintain as they don’t attract dust and dirt easily. However, like other things, it also gets damaged. It’s completely normal for stones to wear and tear over time. To keep the natural beauty, it’s essential to have natural stone restoration done. So, how to know when your stone needs  Natural Stone Restoration ?

In this blog we explain to you common types of stone damage, what is stone restoration, its advantages and what to expect during stone restoration.

What is Stone Restoration?

Let us have a brief overview of natural stone restoration. Natural stone restoration is the process of restoring worn-out stone back to a condition resembling its original aesthetic returning that dull and even damaged natural stone. The restoration process saves you from replacement and changes and brings the natural beauty of the stone to surface back with the restoration treatment — achieved through the care and services of a specialist or professional. 

Natural stone restoration services comprise scratch removal, chip repair, honing, polishing, re-grouting or resealing and color enhancing is recommended for you  to both restore and help keep your natural stone in best  state.

Signs you need stone restoration services

Natural stone lasts a long time, but it may not look its best without proper care. It helps to know the indications that it’s time for natural stone polishing and restoration. Here are the signs to look out for:

  1. Stains
  2. Scratches
  3. Cracks and Holes
  4. Dullness

Now, let’s have a look at the undeniable benefits of natural stone restoration :

Natural Stone Restoration Process Enhances The Stones Look

Natural stone is beautiful, however much of its appeal comes from its shine. After years of use, natural stone will begin to lose some of its shine owing to high foot traffic. A specialist in natural stone restoration can provide a thorough stone cleaning Chicago to restore the gloss and appearance of your original stone.

Natural Stone Restoration Rejuvenates The Overall Ambience

Natural stone restoration gives a new refreshing look to the surroundings and overall appearance, adding  further to the aura of the environment without the hassles of replacing the stones. 

Restoring your stone can bring it back to the look and luster it had when it was originally installed.

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Natural Stone Restoration Fixes The Damages

Natural stone is highly durable in comparison to vinyl, laminate, and hardwood, but it’s not stain proof. In the unlikely event your flooring has become stained, chipped, or scratched, a professional can restore it using special equipment, quickly and efficiently without risking more damage. 

These are fixed with proper procedures and give the stones their life and beauty back. 

Natural Stone Restoration Process Is Cost-Effective Process

Natural stones can lose their appearance and appeal over a course of time. Having them restored is a fraction of the cost of having them replaced. Technicians can polish the stone to restore its sheen, repair any stains or scratches, and show you the proper cleaning techniques to keep it well-maintained in the future. 

From marble clean to fixing wear and tear, the restoration process not only removes stains but focuses on the overall health and beauty of the stones. As the damages get fixed early, they can no longer cause any harm to the stones. The restoration process increases the longevity of the stones and helps the property owners to avoid more costly procedures.

 Natural Stone Restoration Has Many Services

Depending on the type of stone and the severity of damage, there are varied services that you can choose from to restore your marble/stone. Besides polishing and cleaning that gives a new look to your stones, you may also have your marble ground or honed.

Grinding removes deep scratches and lippage, or uneven tile edges. And  honing removes minor scratches caused by foot traffic. Both of these processes require special equipment that should only be handled by specialists and professionals

Also, having your marble sealed wil help to protect and preserve your natural stone in the future. 

Final Words

Even when sealed, natural stone experiences wear and tear that requires sporadic attention. Part of the beauty of natural stone is that the process can be repeated without worry so you can enjoy your investment for a lifetime.

Proper restoration with the services of a professional doesn’t compromise the integrity of the stone. You could do it on an annual basis and be fine. But misdiagnosed and incorrectly applied restoration techniques can cause more harm than good. With  trusted natural stone restorers, we believe there’s no need to replace stone when it can be returned to the best possible condition with renews, repairs, refurbishes, refinishes, and preserves bringing your natural stone to its former glory.

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