Tips for Cleaning up after a Major Renovation Project

Renovations will always leave a mess when finished. There will be a lot of dust, debris, and garbage around. As the homeowner, you will clean up after all the construction and changes. Fortunately, you can easily do everything in a single day with the help of some tips. Here are a few of them to remember as you get ready to renovate.

Make things easier with preparation

Preparation is one of the critical things to ensure an easier cleaning time. You would have fewer items to clean if you moved them out or covered them. Depending on the renovations, there are different measures you can take. The most obvious one is simply putting covers on most of your furniture. It is pretty straightforward but not the most effective, especially if a lot of dust floats around during the renovation. For the more portable items like rugs, you can put them in storage until the renovation ends.

Hire the right disposal team

Another part of preparation is knowing what to do with all the waste that the renovation produces. You can leave the mess in a bin to have the garbage collectors handle it, but that is inefficient. Additionally, they might make a mess of it. It is better to hire professionals like those from to do the job. They have the equipment necessary and the experience to handle the disposal of any remaining building materials you have. 

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Arrange some cleaning time

You will have to set aside time for cleaning up the mess specifically. Make it part of your renovation schedule, so you don’t miss it. Depending on how extensive the renovation was, you might decide to assign a day or two to get everything cleaned up. It will be easier for everyone if you know how much time cleaning will take.

Use the right equipment

There are several types of equipment you’ll need for a thorough cleaning. First, a vacuum is essential. It is hard to fully get all the dust out with just a broom. Vacuums are more thorough and ensure a cleaner approach. They are even more critical if you have items with fibres or absorbents in some way. Stubborn particles can stick to them unless sucked away. Carpets and upholstery are the typical targets for this approach.

Additionally, you will need mops. They are necessary for the various surfaces that need a good wipe down. Hard surfaces are easier to clean with some water and a mop.

Don’t forget the hidden places

A home has various hidden areas and crannies where dirt can accumulate, especially during a renovation. Ensure everything is cleaned by checking them out. Look behind shelves, tables, and more. Additionally, if you have vents and ducts, they will need some cleaning, too.

Final thoughts

Cleaning up after a significant renovation doesn’t need to take days. With the tips above, you can have everything ready in no time. It is all about proper preparation and setup. All the advanced work will make it easier in the end. 

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