Must-Have Essentials When Choosing Your Wedding Venue


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Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Intensive planning and many responsibilities are completed for the perfect wedding, although many have their own recipes for success. Some want a June wedding with spring flowers, while others want a white wedding with red roses. No matter what your dream wedding may look like, there are a few things you need to take care of.

As for places, clothes, flowers, food, shelter, churches, etc., you should think about everything in advance. Let’s discuss the wedding venue in detail with this simple checklist.


The venue should be spacious and should be able to accommodate guests without them feeling as packed as tinned sardines, pushing them into the walls of the venue. Your wedding venue rental should be based around how many people you intend to invite to the wedding. Even if you decide to occupy a smaller area, it should be laid out in such a way as to create the impression of a larger space.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure the surrounding grounds and flora are in good condition. If the venue has certain focal points, such as wells and ponds, this is a huge plus. Even a well-kept lawn works wonders and makes the venue appear more beautiful and serene.

Architecture and facade

The first thing that guests will see is the facade of the venue. Make sure to pick a venue suited to the wedding theme, but make sure to choose a venue that does not appear abandoned, no matter how outlandish or rustic your theme is. This may be a little confusing, and no, you are not being choosy. But making sure that the style of the venue fits the overall feel of your theme, as well as your needs, should be the top priority.

Band and music

Band and music
As we all know, the bride and groom must traditionally have their first dance as husband and wife. To do this, a wedding band is needed to perform the couple’s song of choice. Ask if the venue has its own in-house band and A/V equipment or if you need to organize this yourself. Most importantly, do not forget to make sure that the available equipment is sufficient enough so all the guests will be able to hear the wedding ceremony’s key moments. Make sure your chosen venue is built with acoustics in mind. It makes no sense spending a lot of time choosing the right music and the right equipment for your service if the sound quality is subpar.

Accessibility, parking and time

Parking convenience is one of the most important things to look for when booking a conference or a wedding. Guests attending these events usually pay parking fees, so check the nearest parking facilities and how much they cost so your guests can find parking. Offer to subsidise part of the guests’ parking if the venue of your ceremony or reception does not have its own parking spaces.

Choosing a venue closer to airports or bus stations and train stations provide adequate transport for the guests coming to your ceremony who do not have or opt not to bring their own vehicles. A venue close to the city centre will also make coming to your wedding easier as well as reducing the time the guests arriving by car will have to spend in traffic. Being close to the city centre means being close to emergency services in cases of incidents.

Additionally, you may have to choose a time when the traffic situation is at its lightest. This way, your guests can schedule their commute ahead of time and check the most optimal routes to reach the venue. Most wedding ceremonies start after lunchtime since traffic around this time is (or is expected) to be at its lightest, and the reception continues into the evening. However, there is a trend of having wedding ceremonies as early as 8:00 a.m. so the newly-weds and the guests can have the rest of the day off to relax after such a fulfilling day.

Wedding reception in a marquee

Wedding reception in a marquee
Planning your wedding reception in a marquee is a great idea to give an appearance of space. A marquee is a large tent that is used for social or commercial functions. Though not exactly a huge canopy, you can customise marquees to have specific fixtures like temporary dividers, decks and even its own dedicated lighting to match your wedding’s theme. Not only will your reception feel spacious, but deciding to rent or hire a marquee allows your guests to breathe a little—literally.

As renting a marquee is equivalent to having an outdoor venue, your wedding reception appears luxurious and stands out from the rest. If you choose having your reception in a marquee, you have control over the entire catering system. In addition, you can control alcohol consumption at the reception to avoid any incidents at a time of celebration.


Given all the details mentioned above, any wedding can always be a great success. First and foremost is securing your budget so you could estimate all expenses in advance. After the budget has been secured, one convenient way of making sure your event is a success is hiring a wedding coordinator, planner or even a professional events organiser. They will do the heavy lifting for you in contacting wedding suppliers while you only have to choose which flowers stand in the aisle, which food to serve and which colour the table linens come in. After all, the last thing that you should worry about is how much fun you and your guests will be having on your most memorable day.

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