Multiple Types of Garden Fences – Choose the One You Like Best

Homeowners should take an active part in keeping their garden space secure! It adds to their home’s overall aesthetic value and curb appeal. The idea way for this is to fence your garden.

Are you searching for the best garden fence? If yes, you can browse online and come across several brands specializing in the same. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Also, there are multiple kinds of garden fences that you can choose from. For that, you need to know the features and utilities of these fences.

The horizontal waney edged fences

The horizontal waney edged fences

It is also called the conventional fence panels. Some online stores also sell it under the name of lap and overlap fence panels. It is perfect for making boundaries, security, and privacy. These fences are made using waney edge boards that are somewhat overlapped. The waney edge boards get cut directly from the tree, and the edged side retains the bark. The other edge is mostly square. The panels are a value for money investment and help to keep the garden secure from external attacks.

The feather edged fences

Feather edged fencing is also called close board fencing! If you want something sturdier than the horizontal fencing, the feather edged fencing is the best choice. It provides extra security, as well. These fences get made from tapered boards that get secured to create a solid fence. You can customize it based on your garden and home setting.

The picket fences

If you opt-in for this fence, you will say yes to an open-slatted English design fence that is perfect for decorating purposes. It also provides the necessary security, privacy, and boundary that a garden fence should. The fence is ideal for ensuring that animals and children don’t escape from the garden.

Hazel or willow hurdle fencing

Hazel or willow hurdle fencing
You can also call this weave fencing. The fence gets constructed with hazel of willow. It adds to the decorative element to your garden fences. You can even use it for extra privacy.

Decorative fences

You will come across several types of ornamental fencing. And it is also called the horizontal and lattice weaves. If you want a fence that will be a blend of looks and utility, this is the best option for you. You can through the product variants and choose the one that caters to your requirements and preferences.

The hit and miss fences

You will find the hit and miss fences very attractive! It gets made using the smooth-planed horizontal boards, which gets fixed alternately right at the back and front of the fence. This fence is affordable and comes within a medium-budget, which looks good both on new-age and traditional gardens. The fence looks good on either side and provides excellent security. The boards have gaps between that enable the air to pass through. You can also select the vertical hit and miss style.
The hit and miss fences
There are several other garden fences, as well! Once you decide on the fence style, it is easy for you to search for the same online and make a purchase. Also, make sure to compare the products and then decide on the fence.

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