Moving Into a New Place in a New City

You probably already know the things to consider before making a big move to a new city but you have no idea what you should consider before moving into your apartment and how to make the choice. Whether you are renting a place or buying a property there are some things you should critically evaluate before moving to your new home. Being a tourist and spending just a few days or weeks is a totally different ball game from moving as a permanent resident. Although getting a place has been made easy with the inclusion of online platforms and you can even see the apartments in 3D, there is only so much you can get from the internet about a new place.

Getting your place is a big deal and should be taken very seriously especially if you are moving to a new city. It is always advisable you first of all stay in a temporary apartment and get a feel of the area; familiarize yourself. Make sure to put the following points into consideration before getting your place. Then make sure to follow the steps below before buying a home in a new city

Have a budget

This seems like an obvious step but it is not always so. You have to not only consider the amount the rent or purchase will cost, consider other additional costs. Money that would be spent on renovation, cost of moving, agent fees, insurance etc. The purchase will take the bulk of the money but do not undermine the minor charges of the many things you might have to spend on.
Have a budget


Do your research on the area and the building you intend on moving into. You might be looking for a place in close proximity to your office or school and it just seems logical to stay close to these places but the areas might not necessarily be where you would like to stay, violent and dangerous. Your safety is important.


It is important you spray the apartment with an insecticide, weeks prior to you moving because the smell does not exit the room for another few days or weeks, depending on the concentration. After this has been done there might be some dead insects and pests and you can outsource the cleaning of the space, there should be a number of cleaning agencies around and you could check your neighbourhood lists to find one.

Check out neighbourhood listservs

Check online for your potential neighbourhood’s listservs. This very handy in deciding if the area is a good fit for you, from getting contacts of handymen to connecting with your neighbours to keeping abreast of the area. Make sure to join one before moving to the area. You could search for this on Facebook.

Consider the commute

Consider the commute
Find out the best means of transportation to get you around town. Consider the distance of the residential area to work, to school. If the area is far from these places are you willing to go through the stress of commuting long distances? You could also search for other areas that will be equally pleasant to stay in but not far from these places. Consider the ease of moving around town as well, is the area close or far from everywhere, weigh your options carefully.

Connect with family and friends

If you have family and friends in the new city be sure to let them know your plans of moving. Not only will they provide you with substantial advice they will also be ready to welcome you the moment you get there. If you have no one there, ask your friends and family if they know of any people in the city that you can be linked to. You could also put up a message on your social media page to find people.

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