Moving Has Gone High Tech in 2019: Here Is What to Look For

Forgotten are the days when moving to a new house or office was a lengthy and complicated process. If you seek help from a moving company like Hills Moving, you are guaranteed to settle in your new space within a short time and you don’t even have to break a sweat.

This is because advanced technology is the centerpiece of the company’s operations. From searching for clients to service delivery, everything is technology-dependent. Since all other sectors are adopting newer technologies to facilitate better service delivery, the moving sector is not strolling.

In 2018, the moving sector as a whole has gone high-tech and there is no stopping. Clients expect quality and efficiency from the moving companies. They want to spend as little time and effort as possible when relocating. They also want digital solutions to challenges facing the moving sector. For this reason, there are a number of things that they look for in a moving company.

If you are planning to hire a moving company in 2019, you may find it necessary to look for the same things, including:

1. Ticketing System

It’s nearly impossible to avoid customer complaints. To be sure that the complaints are legitimate, the companies will ask for proof of payment. This comes in the form of a ticket. But since no one wants a paper ticket, companies are considering digital forms. They are automating their ticket system so that you can have it generated automatically once you make a payment. Even if you lose your device, the proof is recorded in the company’s system. You would definitely want this kind of solution instead of the manual one.

2. GPS System

GPS System

It’s undeniable that the invention of GPS systems has brought tremendous improvement in the moving sector. Thanks to the technology, you don’t have to be present to direct the moving company to where you are relocating. All they need from you is the destination and they’ll find their way there with all of your belongings.

3. Route Planner

Even though GPS systems are known to provide a guide for getting to a specific location, some of the paths are imperfect. Think of things like a closed road or a road hit by bad weather. They inhibit the effectiveness of GPS systems. That’s why you need to consider another option to supplement GPS: a Route Planner. This technology is able to save you time as you’ll avoid getting lost or taking the wrong route.

4. Mobile Driving App

Mobile Driving App

Like the GPS system and the route planner, the driving apps help the movers and you to move from one point to another fast and safely. A good example is HQ Driver. The mobile application comes with special feature such as barcode scanner, electronic signatures, and image integration to help move your belongings safely and to keep them on record while on transit.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to speak about changes in the moving sector without mentioning technology. In 2019, the major players in the sector have gone high-tech in ensuring that the clients get the best service. The above solutions will highlight the year but more are expected to come along.

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