Moving Guide for Pregnant Women: 7 Amazing Tips

You are in your second trimester and you’re experiencing a healthy pregnancy. All is well and there seems to be nothing out of place, however, on the other hand, you have your lease papers in your hands and you know you have merely three months before you will have to vacate your house and make a move to the other. This could be a really sticky situation, especially when you are pregnant.

From unwanted nausea to fatigue, pregnancy has more than just happiness to offer women, with plenty of hurdles along the way. Imagine adding onto the stress of coordinating a move, there you have a fused bulb. Well, it is not all that bad, either. Here are a few amazing tips for you to keep in mind while moving during your pregnancy—

Planning Ahead of Time

Moving requires a lot of planning and brainstorming ahead, if you are pregnant, you will need to start planning way ahead of time, to avoid any last-minute stress or hassle. It is a crucial step, as any amount of stress can be very harmful for both you and the baby. Start with a to-do list, which is a compilation of all the important tasks. Make a mental of things that you require before jotting it down in your final list.
Planning Ahead of Time

Consult Your Doctor

Before you move, it is very important to consult with your doctor, especially if you are moving to a new city. Doctors have a wide connection and they might be able to connect you with the right obstetrician. You can also begin your own research at home, finding the best local hospitals and an OBGYN with a good rating. Also, consulting with the doctor would mean necessary preventive steps. They will not only guide you with the do’s and don’ts, but they will also make sure you have all the important pills or tricks in place on the day of moving.

Recruit a Removals Company

It is highly unlikely that if you are pregnant, you will be doing the heavy lifting yourself. In fact, it is best to avoid being a ‘superwoman’ and let professional house removalists in your city do the job for you. You must research numerous moving companies, before zeroing on the list of the best removalist in Sydney. Next, you must zero down on the quote that suits your needs the best.

Once you have chosen a moving company for the job, do not forget to select a moving date and time that works best for your entire family and your health. If you are doing manual packing, make sure you have labelled each box correctly so the movers know what box will go in which room.

Pro Tip: There are amazing options available online for house removals in Sydney. If you are planning to move within or outside the city, professional movers will help you until you have moved to your new home along with your belongings.

Reduce stress

As stressful as the moving process can be, it is imperative for you to maintain a balance between your health and other chores. You must avoid stress of any kind and stay active, both physically and mentally. Go out in nature to connect with yourself. Do light exercises, as recommended by your doctor. Relax deeply with breathwork technique and meditate often. Apart from it all, you must also take care of your diet and eat as much healthy food you can, only giving in to your cravings now and then.
Reduce stress

Amazing Checklist

Amid the chaos of moving and having a baby, do not forget to pamper yourself and here is how you can do it just righ —

  • Read a book
  • Go out with your friends
  • Find a new hobby
  • Go out on a lunch date with your best friend
  • Shop your heart out
  • Make a movie bucket list and watch them all.

Listen to your body

Moving while pregnant is both emotionally and physically demanding. All the to-do tasks and moving checklist can be very demanding, both physically and financially—it is important to not over-expect from yourself and avoid overexerting yourself too. Listen to your body when needs a break because only you know what you and your baby needs. Take a pee-break when you feel the need, eat when you are hungry, leave everything and catch a breath when your body demands some rest. To sum it up, you must be attuned to your body because you are carrying a precious life within you.

Wait on Buying Baby Supplies

The excitement of the new life arriving is simply hard to resist, however, it is best if you wait on purchasing the baby supplies just before and after you move. It is important for you to settle down and find your space in your new home before you go all happy-shopping new things and baby supplies for your soon-to-arrive new-born. Also, before moving it will be so much easier for you to have no worries about packing the baby supplies since there is still time for your baby’s birth and you can cut down one extra box. Post moving, you will not only have ample time but also the exact details of the place you have moved in, to chalk out the best for yourself and your baby.
Wait on Buying Baby Supplies

Keep Food Handy

This is one of the most important steps to remember, especially when the week of your moving day approaches. Make sure you pack some comfort food in a bag that is easily accessible. This is even more important to note if you are moving to a new city. Keep a checklist of local food stores and restaurants handy, to avoid any last-minute hassle post your move. Food is really an important aspect to remember when you are moving during your pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of where you are in your pregnancy, a lot of physical and mental energy goes into planning and brainstorming a residential move. As the week of your moving day approaches, you must make sure to find some extra time for yourself. Pamper yourself as much as you can, book yourself a prenatal massage, eat healthy food, connect with nature and most important of all, stay happy. Happy Moving!

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