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These days, people are becoming conscious about their health and fitness. They wish to cut down on restaurant foods and takeaways and prepare their food. Not only is it a healthy eating option, but it also saves a lot of money in the long run. If you wish to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle, then there cannot be a better choice than eating your home-cooked meals.

Chef’s knife is a must-have accessory for all kitchens. It helps in doing a lot of tasks like dicing, mincing, cutting, or chopping fruits, meat, and vegetables. It is easy to use and is not as fussy as using a food processor. You can easily clean it up and put it back in the rack when you are done. 

What Is This Chef’s Knife?

French Kinfe or a chef’s knife typically has a broad blade with a sharp tapering end. The length of the blade can vary from anywhere between 6 inches to 12 inches. The breadth of the widest part f the blade can be anywhere between 1inch to 2 inches. The handle of the blade is affixed on about half the upper part of the wide side of the blade. This design makes easy space for the fingers and improves the efficiency of working with them.

How Much Do These Chef’s Knives Cost?

Well, it depends on the size, type of metal, and materials used for making the handles. Even the brand names will make a difference to their price tags. However, you can check out the best Chefs Knife under 100 by visiting the Vosteed website. They have the best collection of Morgan and Hackney knives series. 

You will surely find the right one on that website. Morgan knives are rated among the best makers of chef’s knives. The big sized Morgan Chef’s Knife 8″ is available for a discounted price of only $59.00 plus shipping. It is a limited time offer.

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How To Use A Chef’s Knife?

These blades are sharp and can injure you if you do not use them the right way. Now let us see how to use the chef’s knives the right way. It will not only help you in preventing injuries but will also help you work faster and efficiently.


  • Curl the fingers on the vegetable or meat to grip them. Ensure that the thumb and little finger move behind the other curled fingers. 
  • While placing the knife on the vegetable slightly tilted it towards your middle knuckles (of the free-hand finger) so that the blade tip stays away from your fingers. That way you will be able to protect your fingers and also judge the size of the slices better. 

Knife hand:

  • For chopping – Grip the handle joint side with a few fingers gripping directly on some part of the blade. It allows for better movement.
  • For fine cutting – Here it is better to take a proper grip only on the handle, and to place the free-hand on the top blunt side to add some pressure.

It is always better to cut bigger vegetables or meat to manageable sizes before doing the fine cutting or mincing. You can check out the Vosteed website to find the finest collections of knives for the best prices.

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