Most Common Concrete Repair Methods Used by Contractors

You can now enjoy perfectly new concrete steps, patios, sidewalks, and porches without going through the whole construction process in just a matter of time as you can have professional concrete repair services. However, before moving forward and hiring a professional service for concrete lifting, you should know what exactly happens in the process so that you can be surer on taking the decision.

Epoxy Injection


It is the most common method of concrete repair. Usually, contractors opt for this repair method when they need to deal with narrow cracks of 0.02 inches. In this method, expert contractors will establish entry and venting ports along the cracks and seal them from the exposed areas. Once the sealing is done, they will inject epoxy under pressure. 

You must know that this concrete repair method is quite popular in dealing with cracks in buildings, dams, bridges, etc. It is not an effective method for cracks that are leaking. You can use moisture tolerant material in the wet cracks, but contaminants in these cracks will reduce the epoxy effectiveness.

Routing and sealing of cracks 

It is the best remedial concrete repair method. In this method, crack is enlarged, and then the exposed area is filled and sealed with a good quality joint sealant. This method is effective for fixing flat horizontal surfaces such as pavements and floors. Whether your home has fine pattern cracks or isolated ones, you can waterproof those areas effectively with this technique.

Crack Stitching


It is undoubtedly the most effective method that is used in concrete repair. In this method, holes are drilled on both sides of cracks, and then the next step is grouting in U-shaped metal units. When you have a significant crack and want to reestablish its tensile strength, this method seems quite effective. Expert concrete repair contractor first drills the holes; they clean the hole and anchor staple legs in the gaps. They set these anchors with a nonshrink grout or an epoxy injection. They bond the crack in the best manner and ensure that tension is distributed across the concrete.

Drilling and Plugging Method

When you have a vertical crack in the concrete and accessible from only one place, expert concrete repair contractors will go with the drill and plug method. This technique is a quick fix of vertical cracks in retaining walls. They will drill holes in the cracks and then reduce heavy leakage through cracks with plugging techniques. They fill the hole with a resilient material to ensure water tightness.

Grouting Method


When a crack has a water leak and compromises the structural bond, expert contractors will offer grouting methods as concrete repair services. In this method, they clean the crack, seal the cracks with cement paint, grout or sealant. They flush the crack and then test its sealing effectiveness. In the end, they do the final grouting of the complete area. Always hire the best contractors that offer an effective concrete repair in Morgantown. They will examine your crack and concrete issue and suggest the best solution.

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