Top Tips to Increase Your Mower’s Longevity

Buying a mover does not come cheap. It is an investment that you would want to keep for as long as possible. You expect that you have already got the returns on your investments by the time it stops working.

The truth is that not any two movers last the same period, even if from the same company. While one will start hearing the cracking noises and damage sooner, other mowers will last to seem like a lifetime.

Everyone wants to be the latter; the one who gains every return from their machine. However, it requires work. 

Here are some of the tips to keep your mower operating for longer;

  • Buy quality

The mower’s build quality is the first determinant of whether it will last for long or not. A low-quality machine can only serve you for a limited period. Such machines come with low-quality parts that won’t survive the hard grass and pebbles on the ground. The parts are also susceptible to rust and damages. 

Most homeowners have realized how landscaping improves home value. They are buying movers hence an increase in demand. With various companies coming up to provide the demand, not all of them provide the desired quality. 

Stick to the tried and tested mower companies. Riding mowers and automowers from top companies like Husqvarna, Toro, and Stihl have stood the test of time and are top-quality lawn equipment. 


  • Routine cleaning and maintenance

How long a mover lasts is a reflection of how you handle it. No matter the machine’s build quality, it would not last long if you don’t clean and maintain it properly. 

For optimum mower performance, you have to ensure it is well maintained, especially if you use it often. 

Before you start any task with the lawn care equipment, ensure it is running fine. Confirm the status of the various parts like wheels, belts, batteries, hydro systems, and spindles. Pay attention to any sounds the machine emits when starting and working. Do not hesitate to change any broken parts. 

Even though it might be hectic, clean the mower after every session. The grass tends to contain moisture which will corrode the machine equipment when left unattended. 

Read the mower’s manual to ensure proper maintenance. The manual will guide on proper operating measures and the cleaning procedure. 

  • Keep the blades sharp.

Keeping your lawn mower sharp is another way to keep it running for longer. A hard mower tends to take more time cutting grass; you will need to keep the engine running longer. You might also have to struggle with pushing the machine nearer to the ground where the blades can hit stones. The more the engine has to run harder and for longer, the lesser the lifespan. 

Periodically sharpen the edges of the blades for faster and cleaner cutting. Consider speaking to a local residential landscaping mower dealer for tips on how to keep your lawn equipment moving in your region. 


  • Proper storage

Proper storage keeps the mower from various elements like strong wind and moisture that can lead to damage. As such, you are better off storing the lawn equipment indoors than outdoors. The outdoor storage exposes it to elements that damage the paint job, rubber, and various parts. It can also catch moisture then rust. 

If you have to keep the machine outdoors, then cover it fully. 

The season also determines the storage. For places like Barrie and surrounding areas that experience intense winter, do not leave your machine in the open during the cold season. 

Bottom Line

How you take care of your lawn mowing equipment determines how long it will serve. If you are looking for longevity, then you must give it time, money, and care. You have to get everything right from the start. 

Purchase top-quality lawn equipment from a reliable company. You will then keep it running using the manual. Also, only use genuine and compatible parts in case of damage or replacement. Importantly, rely on experienced lawn equipment dealers for care tips and tricks. 

Mercer equipment is one of the most reliable dealers to contact Barrie and surrounding areas. They come with years of experience and qualified technicians for the best lawn products and equipment servicing.

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