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Most Beautiful NYC Buildings You Have to See

No other city in the world can boast a skyline quite as iconic as New York City’s. NYC boasts an awe-inspiring juxtaposition of architecture, from office towers and skyrise apartment buildings, to government buildings and museums, the style and history of the City’s architecture is very diverse. While the Big Apple has a lot to be proud of, when you picture NYC, it is its iconic structures that spring to mind.

1. The World Trade Center

The World Trade Center

Constructed in remembrance of the 911 terrorist attacks, The World Trade Center is a complex of buildings situated where the Twin Towers once stood. Erected in its centre stands America’s tallest building, the One World Trade Center. On this site you will also find the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. Featured is two waterfalls with inscriptions of the names of the victims of 911 on the waterfall parapets. It’s easy to get here and you can even use Moovit Schedules to check when the next bus or train is arriving!

2. New York City Hall

New York City Hall
New York City Hall is truly a sight to behold. The place where city’s Mayor office is situated, and a rich part of New York’s history, City Hall’s construction took place from 1803 to 1812. Since then, several historical moment have played out, including the custody of two dead presidents and an iconic 1857 riot.

3. Flatiron Building

Flatiron Building
This uniquely-shaped triangular structure is an architectural quirk which you will not see anywhere else in the world. Erected in 1902 near Madison Square Park, this building’s architecture and design is groundbreaking. The Flatiron is 22 stories high, and used to be known as the Fuller Building.

4. Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal
This railroad terminal found 42nd Street and Park Avenue has 44 platforms and phenomenal architectural design. Grand Central Terminal also has a remarkable interiors, and has been awarded landmark designations from U.S. National Historic Landmark, among others. In 2013, Grand Central Terminal attracted nearly 22 million visitors, making it one of the biggest tourist attractions around the globe.

5. Empire State Building

Empire State Building
Midtown Manhattan is where you will find this world-renowned Art Deco office block. The Empire State Building used to be the world’s tallest building, until 1970. Designed in 1931, this 102 story skyscraper is 1,250 feet high, 1,454 feet if you count the antenna. The Empire State Building is America’s 5th-highest building, 6th-highest freestanding structure, and ranks number 28 in the world overall. It is also the in the Americas.

6. The Century

The Century
Built in 1931, The Century is an apartment building constructed in the Art Deco design, which makes a stark contrast to the surrounding Beaux-Arts style-inspired structures. The Century cost $6.5 million to build, and was named after the theater which formerly occupied Central Park West. In 1982, the National Register of Historic Places added The Century to the Central Park West Historic District.

7. The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building
This iconic Art Deco erection is situated on Midtown Manhattan’s East Side, on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street. It was the world’s tallest structure for a time, and stands at 1,046 feet high. It currently ties with The New York Times Building for 8th-tallest building in New York City.

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