More Information on The Types of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters, which are sometimes also referred to as plantation blinds, are interior shutters that feature wide louvers of usually 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches wide.

This type of shutters is well like all over the country, especially in the Western and Southern states, where it is warmer. The wider louvers give the shutters a classy look, which is perfect for installation in bedrooms and dining rooms.

However, these multipurpose window treatments can be utilized in casual rooms like kitchens and dens too. The most preferred colors are usually white and stained. Plantation blinds are available in three types of materials:

Composite, vinyl, and wood. In this post, we will be revealing a bit more information about each type to help you assess which one would be the best fit for your home.

Vinyl plantations blinds

Vinyl plantations blinds

Vinyl shutters are your most cost-effective option between the three. Just keep in mind that the very low-end ones can pose structural problems where the shutters are large. Vinyl shutters don’t contain any wood and often have aluminum or PVC supports for immovability. The main advantage of this type of material is the cost. They are also an excellent fit for high-moisture areas and are weather resistant. These shutters are available in these types:

Hollow Vinyl

These shutters are precisely what the name suggests: hollow vinyl frames. They enjoy the same benefits as vinyl, but due to the hollow frame not being able to support the weight of larger structures, they have size limitations. One downside of these blinds is that they can start sagging over time. You can view here for more high quality roller shutters for Melbourne if you are looking for something a bit more pricey and superior, which will last a lot longer.

Structured Hollow Vinyl

Structured Hollow Vinyl’
These blinds have vinyl skeletons in the shutters that support the weight, lowering the number of sagging in the vinyl. Even though these blinds are still vinyl, they have advanced structural integrity.

Solid Vinyl

  • Solid vinyl – consists of a solid frame that has been filled up with blown PVC. These shutters are more stable than hollow shutters and are still cost-effective.
  • Vinyl-clad wood – a frame from hard wood wrapped in vinyl. They offer the durability and strength of wood with the advantages of a vinyl coating, which advances the moisture resistance.
  • Solid vinyl with aluminum inserts – these have metal supports but with a lighter profile.

Composite Plantation Blinds

Composite plantation blinds also referred to as engineered wood, faux wood, or fake wood manufactured from engineered wood that is MDF enfolded in a PVC or vinyl coating. They are very durable, humidity-proof, and weather resistant. They are an affordable alternate to wood shutters.

Wood Plantation Blinds

Wood Plantation Blinds
The best quality plantation blinds are authentic wood shutters, particularly basswood. They possess the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making them durable and lightweight. Wood can be transformed into custom sizes and shapes and can be stained or painted, unlike composite and vinyl that are prefabricated into various colors and styles.

Plantation blinds are a stunning, cost-effective window treatment, and whether you select composite, vinyl, or wood, these archetypal coverings will add style to your home for many years.

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