5 Helpful Tips to Have a Stress-Free Move

These days stress has clanged to everyone’s part of life, but seldom people know how to handle it and overcome the stress. It’s important to learn how to handle stress properly without getting your health affected by it. There are many life stresses that we come across every day. It could be from the upcoming entry test of a university or watching your child falling sick. You ought to come out of it as early as possible, without giving it much time to bombard your health.

Moving or shifting from one place to another takes a great toll on the sanity of ourselves. According to research, moving is the 3rd most stressful life event after divorce that one can experience. It is not just dumping your things in cartons and empty your previous residence just in a blink, especially when you exist in a huge country like Australia. It requires a lot of prior planning, organized cleaning, professional packing like the way removalists in Sydney do to have a successful and joyful leap into your new living. As much as you are excited to enter your new residence and environment, it subsides the moment you start up to wind up your current living and commence your movement chores. Well, there is nothing to fret and stress about, here are 5 helpful tips to have a stress-free move as smoothly as it can ever be:

1. Decluttering is essential

It pays a great deal in the future, to those who know the valuable outcomes of tidying up right there and then. The first and the foremost thing to reduce the burden off your shoulders is the prior sorting and discarding the unwanted items, while you are on the hunt for your future address. Believe me, nothing could be more satisfying than opening your boxes, containing only relevant and useful stuff in your new house. Simply, gather up all the unnecessary and non-working items into a donation pile.
Decluttering is essential

Decluttering saves up a lot of time, space and energy of carrying extra boxes to your new place. This should be started at least a month before your intent to vacate your current residence. Display you will have plenty of time to decide on items, whether you genuinely require it in the future.

2. Plan ahead & organize

It could be too overwhelming to put off decluttering and packing until the last minute. It is also a bit strange to start packing weeks before moving somewhere, but you can start planning ahead of time. It wouldn’t harm if you pack some of the boxes consisting of items that you do not seem to be using in the near future. For example, your winter clothing. Similarly, once you know that you are about to vacate your current location, keep saving those Amazon delivery boxes in advance, for you to pack stuff that is not in current use. Doing all these works upfront will save you from some of the stress you may encounter in the future.

Apart from prior planning, you ought to be extra organized to end up with a satisfying and stress-free move:

  • Label your boxes:

Make sure that you label your boxes, in order to avoid any confusion later in finding out the specific contents that each of your cartons holds. It is such a helpful tip, especially when you are searching in the sea of cartons later, and you know what type of items every carton holds.

  • Resealable plastic bags:

Resealable plastic bags come handy when you are placing small parts and pieces into your boxes. they help in eradicating the possibility of losing any important and small bits and pieces of your big items. You can make sure that you do not lose any small parts of your furniture, by placing them all together in resealable plastic bags.

  • Colour code:

Designate each color to every single room of your new house. Put the relevant color sticker on each of the boxes that need to be stacked in that specific room. Also mark the doors of each room with a colored sticker, making it easier for the movers to place the matching cartons accordingly.

3. Make an ‘Open me first’ box

If you follow this particular tip, you will definitely thank this article later. Pack one separate box, for your first night at your new home. Mark it with ‘open me first’ label. This would contain all your personal items and other necessities that you would require to relax and settle the first day. Like eyeglasses, contact lens solution, toilet paper, bed sheet, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.

4. Keep your valuables safe

Keep your valuables safe
With the random packing, overflow of work and in and out of your movers; It is vital to take care of your belongings that are precious belongings and your authentic documentations. Keep them safe in a separate bag that is all the time with you. It cannot get worse if you lose your precious jewelry or your house lease documents, which is a serious trigger to mental and physical stress.

5. Unfolding and unwinding

Now that you have moved in you need serious prior planning of making your unwinding and unfolding your items as simple as possible. Your furniture assembly would become easier if you have a picture record of all the pieces while you were disassembling it.

This is a lifesaving hack for assembling those complexed home items. Take photos of your electronics as well, in order to make the connection again as they were. Do take note of fulfilling all the requirements prior to your shifting, making sure that all your utilities and Wi-Fi are all in proper working order.

So, no matter how much you plan, things can go out of control. You need to be careful but need not panic if things go differently. Packing and moving is one hell of a job, one can try their best. However, what you can control the most is, how much of stress you are taking in all this event. The more you are keeping yourself cool, the higher your productivity would be.

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