A Perfect Tranquil Vacation

In today’s society, we are regularly exposed to noise and bustle. The opportunity to find a tranquil spot to get away is infrequent. Even when we do go on vacation, the holiday park or resort feels obliged to fill our day with things to do and venues to attend. In the end, the park is just as bustling and full of pressure as the place we are trying to escape. The Bars with electronic gaming machines. Machines that are rattling away with a cacophony of noise. They also cannot resist playing music in the background, so noisy sometimes that pleasant conversation is not possible.

Do holiday parks not realize that we come to country locations and coastal locations to get away from all of that? Personally, what I like is relaxation and peace when I come to a country park for vacation — a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.
Tranquil Vacation

My ideal place would be a cabin overlooking a great view with maybe a patio and hot tub, so I can chill out in the hot tub, enjoying the stress-free environment and the beautiful scenery. I am not interested in sleeping under canvass and roughing it. Give me a charming bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and a location where I am not directly overlooked by anyone else.

When I was a bit younger, and I had children on vacation with me, I aimed to give them a break from staying inside playing on computers or sitting for hours watching TV.

Sitting on my private verandah with a nice cold beer in my hand, or a fascinating novel, while I look down on the grass in front of the cabin and watch the children playing outside, getting fresh air, and no technology. Watching the kids run around the meadow and playing in the woods like I used to do when I was younger before everything became digital. Finding the right Holiday Park is increasingly difficult, but I have now found the perfect place.
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A swimming pool in a comfortable distance from my cabin is also lovely so the children can have a dip and play in the water. Do you remember when you were young and came out from the city how great it was to see farm animals up close? Chickens, sheep, etc. These days children get minimal opportunity to see and interact with domestic animals. We have lost touch with our roots.

Family walks across the meadows and the undulating hills, with woods, lakes, and bridleways to follow. They are getting exercise the natural way while spending quality time with the kids. It’s truly perfect. I am now a much more relaxed and balanced person who can get away to a great country park and chill out away from all the pressures of modern life.

Here in the UK, we tend not to realize what amazing rural destinations we have. Cornwall, in particular, is such a beautiful place, with generally pleasant weather, scenery that goes on for miles, and fresh sea air blowing from the coast.

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