Mattress Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Mattress Type for You

When choosing a new mattress for healthy and enjoyable sleep, one might be spoilt for choice. In this article, you will find an exhaustive list of parameters that you should pay attention to.

A high-quality mattress is an essential prerequisite for one’s wellbeing, efficiency and happiness. Be it a deep all-night sleep or a short nap in the afternoon, the mattress should provide us with the maximum comfort on both physiological and emotional level. It needs to be not only comfortable but also good for our health and meet the individual requirements for our bodies. Below, one would discover handy recommendations on how to select a mattress depending on its characteristics and one’s taste.

Depending on Your Sleeping Position

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On Your Back

Spine health specialists say that those who prefer to sleep on their back should opt for a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. Its primary mission would be to support your spine and at the same time allow it to maintain a healthy alignment. Spines are sensitive and our perception of back comfort is highly individual. This is why for people who sleep on their back it is particularly important to lie down on as many mattresses as they can when picking the optimal one. Some might feel shy to do it right in the shop, while other customers are walking around — but if you neglect this step, you might regret it later, so try to get rid of prejudices.

On Your Stomach

One thing that one should discard right away is an enveloping memory foam. On such a mattress, you would feel as if you were “drowning”. Instead, consider the subsequent variants:

  • Air-filled
  • Dense innerspring
  • Firm foam

All of these would provide you with sufficient support.

On Your Side

Feel free to select between the following options:

  • Soft foam
  • In-built pressure relief points
  • Innersprings

They would conform to the shape of one’s body and secure enough support.

Depending on Your Health Issues

If you suffer from back aches, pay primary attention to these two types that are famous for their top-notch body support:

  • Latex
  • Memory foam

These two materials would be an optimal way out for those who were diagnosed with allergies as well. They are not afraid of mildew or dust mites plus can boast of excellent antimicrobial properties. If you still prefer fiberfill or innerspring for comfort reasons, you might at least purchase an allergen-resistant cover.

Some people want their mattresses not to contain chemicals. In this case, look for those with corresponding certificates, like CertiPUR-US.

Depending on Your Partner’s Habits

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If your tastes differ

If your body types and sleeping habits do not match, consider customizing your mattress so that it consists of two chambers with diverse characteristics. Otherwise, you might invest in an air-filled model with dual chambers.

If your partner sleeps restlessly

To prevent your half of the bed from moving and shaking each time your partner stirs, look for a medium-firm mattress — it would partly absorb the impulses. To be precise, you might consider:

  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Innersprings with pocketed coils

Such ones feel a bit more comfortable on the half of that person that sleeps still.

Depending on Other Factors

Avoid Overheating

One might feel hot when sleeping. In this case, pay attention to mattresses with cooling properties that are made of either of these two materials:

  • Latex
  • Foam

Both options are outstandingly soft and hold in body heat. If you are not too familiar with the cooling technology, you might want to investigate the details on Room Service 360 or Google some information about it. Cooling sheets and mattress toppings are available on the market as well.

Enjoy the Bouncy Feel

You might feel nostalgic about your childhood mattress with innersprings. If you order a similar one now, you would need to choose between two options:

  • Individual pocketed coils
  • Interconnected coils

The former minimize the ripple effect that takes place when the other person stirs on the other side. The latter are more long-lasting. In both cases, your mattress would be rather firm.

Plush Top

In such a situation, you once again might turn your eyes to the innerspring variant. These often feature a quilted ticking on top of their foam or fiberfill outer layer. This might look nice at the moment of purchasing it — but in a few months that ticking would inevitably compress. It would be more reasonable to purchase the mattress that makes you feel comfortable and accompany it with a thick soft replaceable topper.

Firm Base

The mattress does not need to be firm over its entire thickness. It might be filled with multiple layers of memory foam: the firm ones would be located at the bottom so that you would not sink too deep. The softer layers on top would spoil you with comfort.

Keep Things Under Control

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Certain air-filled mattresses allow their owners to modify their volume with remote controls. If they have two chambers, each of them can be customized separately.

Alternatively, there are mattresses with two different sides. Their two chambers are identical — but if you flip them over, you would be able to sleep either on the softer or harder side.

Extra Tips on Selecting the Mattress

As soon as the purchase is delivered to you, inspect it attentively — and if you identify a single fault, send it back to the shop. But it might happen so that you start finding faults only in a few weeks. If you try to ask the seller to replace the mattress, you would need to prove that you used it properly, as described in the warranty. If everything goes fine, a high-quality item should serve you for at least 10 years, depending on how you use it and take care of it.


Hopefully, this guide came in handy and now you will feel more confident when selecting a new mattress. With so many brands and materials on offer, it would not be easy to make the final choice. And most importantly, please do not forget to listen to your partner’s opinion! Your mattress would become a smart investment in your comfort, health, productivity and general life satisfaction.

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