Matching the Kitchen Decor: How to Update Your Kitchen Appliances

Many people forget about their appliances when they’re decorating their kitchen. Take a look at these kitchen decor ideas that’ll update your appliances.

When it comes to home makeover, the kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house. Americans typically spend between $12,000-21,000 renovating their kitchens in 2019, far more than in any other room in the house.

These costs typically include new walls and floor, units, countertops, and lighting. However, one area that is often sorely overlooked is the appliances. Kitchen appliances are more than just functional, they play an overwhelming role in the overall look of the kitchen decor.

Decorating and styling your appliances is a crucial consideration for any kitchen remodel. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Use Appliance Paint to Revamp Your Kitchen

Use Appliance Paint to Revamp Your Kitchen

The overall color scheme of your kitchen needs to flow and be consistent. Obviously, this is where appliances tend to let you down. An off-white oven or a grey fridge can be frustrating if it does not match the rest of your kitchen.

Resolve this by incorporating some appliance paint into your kitchen decorating strategy.

Appliance paint is heat-resistant and designed to change the color of all of your appliances seamlessly. It’s easy to apply and available in every color and shade you can imagine.

Good Kitchen Decor Means Working, New-Looking Appliances

No matter what your preferred kitchen themes might be, nothing looks good when your appliances are old, faded, and worn out. This is why every kitchen remodel needs to consider getting all of your appliances fixed-up and looking good as new.

When decorating your kitchen, make sure to use an appliance repair service such as Sewell Electric Company to give your old appliances a new lease of life.

A full servicing for your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, and the oven will have them looking and feeling as good as new.

Use Washi Tape for Your Appliances

Use Washi Tape for Your Appliances

One of the easiest ways to revamp all of your appliances in a single afternoon is with Washi tape. This popular Japanese product is one of the hottest kitchen decorating ideas of 2019 and a great way to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Washi tape is made from a tree bark that is native to Japan. It is similar to duct tape, except it looks gorgeous and can be applied to any surface.

Add stripes of Washi tape to your appliances to give them a sleek, contemporary pattern. Just make sure to check the temperature resistance of the tape before buying.

Turn Your Appliances into Works of Art

One of the kitchen ideas that is really gaining traction at the moment involves turning your appliances into personal artworks. By this, we mean using chalk paint to paint over the surface of your appliances.

After this, you’ll be able to write and draw on them, creating any pattern and design you want.

Sticky notes on the fridge will be a thing of the past since you can just write a note directly on the fridge with some chalk! This is personalized kitchen decor at its very best.

Get Inspired

If you still haven’t decided on what your dream kitchen decor looks like, we’re here to help. Make sure to check out our inspirational designs to find the look and feel that best suits you.

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