Marvelous Mystery Rooms: A Look at the Best Escape Room Designs and Themes

Escape rooms have become a booming industry.

In 2014, there were only 22 escape-room venues open in the United States. Now there are over 2,300!

Is there one best escape room out of so many across the world? That’s hard to say. But here are a few of the best escape room game designs.

Sherlocked, Netherlands

The experience in this escape room starts when you arrive on location. Sherlocked is housed in the basement of a 100-year-old Amsterdam building.

You can choose one of two cinematic experiences. One of them is called The Vault. Unlike many escape rooms that give you 60 minutes, here participants get 80 minutes to try to steal an object from an old safe.
Sherlocked, Netherlands

The cool thing about this escape room is that there is an actor in there with you so that you feel like you are really living the experience. After all, that’s the fun of escape room games.

The Vault is the winner of Golden Lock-In Award making this one of the best escape rooms in the world.

Hostage, Oklahoma

Always wondered what you would do in a hostage situation? In this Escape Room, you’re about to find out.

While on a flight, your plane is hijacked and you lose consciousness as the cabin depressurizes.

You wake up to find that you are handcuffed to your friends in the hijackers’ headquarters. Will you make it out in time?

The 13th Gate Escape, Baton Rouge

Looking for something a little more spine-tingling? The 13th Gate Escape Room in Louisiana offers guests six immersive fear-filled escape rooms.

This certainly won’t get your ‘best family game’ vote! These rooms use terrifying, claustrophobic settings to induce terror in visitors.
The 13th Gate Escape, Baton Rouge
You might be trapped in a small, dark room, or locked in an insane asylum. Can you solve the puzzles and escape in 60 minutes?

The Basement, California

Another cinematic escape room design is called The Basement in the Golden State. It is built to model a traditional haunted house where guests are being held captive by a fictional cannibal.

They must escape before he returns in 45 minutes. There are four rooms to escape from, (one for each level of the house). Some of the rooms have actors to make the experience that much more chilling.

Escapology, Various

Escapology is an escape room franchise with over 40 locations across the world. One of the trickiest mind benders you can try here is Budapest Express.

This escape room feels a little bit like Clue and Murder on the Orient Express rolled into one. You will feel like you are moving through train cars in the 1900s during a winter storm.

It’s an immersive experience with the sound of train whistles, condensation, and snow outside the windows. Of course, the velvet furnishings and antique luggage help add to the setting.
Escapology, Various
The best thing about Escapology is that you never play with strangers. You get your very one game-master and a private experience even if there are just two of you.

Other games to try at Escapology include Murder Mystery and The Antidote.

Final Thoughts on the Best Escape Room

There you have it! Some of the world’s best escape room designs to make you believe you are living the experience.

Whether you like to be terrified or just exercise your mind, there’s an escape room for you. Come back again soon for more fresh content for you to enjoy.

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