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A mix of Asian decor and Italian elegance that caters to a Southern California lifestyle: this was the inspiration for 355 Mansfield, a 5-bedroom, 5.25 bathroom luxury private residence in Los Angeles. The open-plan home that boasts a spacious area of 1,683 square feet, is a creative and eclectic mix of lines, shapes, masses, contrasting colors and materials, all pulled together with grès porcelian tiles that enrich each room of the house.

To accentuate the vast, open-air living plan, the tiles chosen for the project by Italian designer and manufacturer, Ceramiche Refin, are a mix or urban and classically-inspired designs and can be found throughout the entire home in the living, dining and lounge area, as well as the Japanese-style outdoor garden, and bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level. Among the collections that adorn the residence is Design Industry, a line inspired by contemporary architectural trends. The particular tile variation used for this project represents the chromatic and structural interpretation of raw cements and flaking plasters.

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Beautiful Bathroom Design, Modern Residence Style

White Bedroom Inspiration

Bedroom With Nature View

Bathroom Design

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Bedroom Design

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Raw, industrial and metropolitan areas were the basis of inspiration for Refin’s Graffiti tile collection, also chosen to compliment the interior design of this project. With new digital technologies in tile design, it is now possible to channel the look of natural materials into a porcelain tile, as seen here with Graffiti, which reinterprets cement surfaces. Another example of changes in design is the transition from traditional hardwood to ceramic tiles with a wood effect. As featured in the 355 Mansfield Project, the Larix collection by Refin is inspired by larch wood and is the result of extensive research into this natural material to reproduce the proper graphics and textures.

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Ceramic tiles have revolutionized interior design, and with digital innovations in the past 15 years, the creative options for tile design have expanded exponentially. Highly developed digital graphics systems have opened the door to endless possibilities, like producing designs that strongly resemble natural materials like wood and marble, allowing for 3 dimensional qualities as well. It also allows them to never repeat patterns.

Modern White Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design

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Hanging Ball Design with Dining Table

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White Sofa

White Sofa Design

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Residence Style

Mansfield Residence by Adeet Madan

For homeowners, ceramic tiles are a wonderful option that encompass both functional flooring and striking aesthetics. With a composition known as Grès Porcelain like Refin uses, the ceramic tile is vitrified and thus extremely resistant. They are also scratch and stain resistant, and weather resistant for exterior design plans as seen in the garden area of this project. Ceramiche Refin introduces modern Italian elegance to every variation of interior design taste.


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