Male vs. Female Style in Interior

What is design? If you remove the extra pathos and philosophical reflections, the word“design” is close to the meaning of “beautiful.” We like it when it’s beautiful, so that, in front of the neighbors, you don’t feel embarrassed: the interior is in the same style (there are plenty to choose from) and rich.

Is there male and female design? The answer is obvious. Yes! Although today, the line between these two types is becoming thinner (we’re talking about unisex design), but it is still visible.

Male interior

Male interior

The associative row with the male interior is great: magnetism, protection, confidence. In design, this is manifested in the rigor of lines, angularity, embossment, and massive parts of the decor.

Female interior

Female interior
The woman is the keeper of the home. And now let this postulate is not so pronounced, but notes of tenderness and comfort still prevail in the female interior design, as much as soft lines and warm light, sensuality.

Detailed analysis of design ideas

design ideas interior design
The magnetism of the interior is the basis of all style decisions. Both in female and in male design. Whatever the original idea is, there will always be options. The main thing is not to abandon them at once, but to spend a little more time and create something almost perfect. Experiments are not scary.

Compromise or middle ground

middle ground
Finding a middle ground between male and female design is not as difficult as it may seem at first. We take the interior in a masculine style as a basis: we get rid of the sugary vanilla sweetness, remove the pink ruffles, and make the layout spacious. We will start “hanging up” the feminine vision of the interior on this fundamental framework: charming soft lines of furniture, textiles with a print, and many different sources of light.

Designers advise competently zoned room. This will allow finding a middle ground between the male and female vision of the home hearth. The old brickwork and heavy beams on the ceiling are in perfect harmony with the glossy surfaces, an abundance of drapery, the wooden floor with bent legs of tables and chairs. The only stumbling block for all the compromises will be the furniture – the stationary female version or mobile male. Try not to kill each other at this point.

Pluses of male interior

  •  functionality and security;
  • the absence of “dust collectors” – knick-knacks and non-functional accessories;
  •  plain walls – a guarantee not to turn a home into kitsch.

Pluses of female interior

  • pleasant, little memorabilia pieces (by the way, if you are looking for Russian brides for marriage, you’ll need enough space for all these cute things, they are really into it) – photographs, romantic notes;
  •  a huge number of options for shelves and boxes for storing things – the main thing then is not to forget where something is hidden;
  •  sincerity and comfort.

Who wins?

So let’s summarize. If you decided to change the interior together with your girlfriend, then patience and mutual understanding will become faithful companions. This is in addition to professional workers. Otherwise, even the most ingenious design solutions may be spoiled.

  •  Decide on the color scheme that suits both.
  • Decide where you need the curtains, and where the blinds are, where the carpets are, and where you can do without them.
  •  Consider the location of the modules for storage of things and pre-divide them among themselves.
  •  Provide a variety of lighting options – bright top light, muted side.
  • Together choose accessories – family photos, memorable gifts, souvenirs from vacation.
  • Remember the functionality and simplicity but do not fall into the primitive.
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