How to Choose Paint Sprayer for Your Project?

If you are a professional painter, choosing right paint sprayer is important to get perfection in the job. There are benefits of getting the paint sprayer for your interior paint works of home or any commercial space. They help the painter with a great saving in time, effort and achieve consistent paint coverage over the project. They can simplify painting tasks even on the hard surfaces and help in providing uniform finishes. They are different factors you should check in a while choosing the paint sprayer for the project.

There are different types of paint sprayers, and you should choose the one depending on your specific project requirements. However, there are few common features you should check in irrespective of the type of sprayer you decide to go for

Adjustable models

Adjustable models

The sprayer you pick to go with should be a flexible model so that the paint can be dispensed at varying thickness, patterns, and speeds.

Easy cleanup

clean up
The sprayer you choose to go with should have garden hose facilitating easy cleanup. You can now easily clean up the paint sprayer after completing the project.


Irrespective of the size of project you are handling, the paint sprayer you choose should be portable. You can either prefer to go with a backpack or wheeled versions depending on your convenience.

Additional accessories to look for

Additional accessories
The paint sprayer comes with many accessories to make the job easier and extend their lifespan.

Extension rods that give secure workspace while painting decks, hard to reach areas like the ceiling. You should also look for the feature like filters so that you get a smooth finish as they remove debris from the paint and prevent the tip from getting clogged. The small hose will get your job done if you are painting a small space. If you are on the job for painting long area like a fence, consider large hose so, the paint sprayer you choose to go with should be flexible to fix different hoses.

Types of paint sprayer

Different paint sprayers are chosen by the painter depending on the specific requirements of the project and the type of paint you choose.

Airless paint sprayer

Airless paint sprayer
These sprayers are perfect for jobs like painting exteriors, fences. These sprayers pump with high pressure. They work effectively in reaching hard to reach surfaces like ceiling, decks, shutters and long interior walls. They can effectively handle thick paints when compared to other types of sprayers. They are available in a wide range from small DIY models to professional models to handle big projects. They give best results when used water-based paints, oil-based paints, aluminum paints, and wood preservatives.

Fine paint sprayers

Fine paint sprayers
They are alternatively called as high volume low-pressure sprayers and suits the best for high-quality precision spraying project around your home. The paint passes through the sprayer at a slow pace to make more paint droplets stick to the surface. They waste little paint when compared to other types of paint sprayers but are comparatively expensive too. They work excellent while working on the interior surfaces like cabinets, moldings, doors and smaller interior spaces. You should avoid using thick paints in the sprayer unless you are working with commercial HVLP sprayer.

Compressed Air Sprayer

Compressed Air Sprayer
As the name goes, sprayer uses compressed air to apply paint on any surface and helps in producing smooth and even surface. They can work best while painting cabinets and furniture. However, this kind of sprayers tends to be messy and waste a lot of paint. They are known as noisy sprayers, and the reason is obvious. The pro about this painter is it is pretty easy to use and suitable to handle garden hacks. As it is said controlling the paint is very tricky in these types of painters, it should be used by professionals that have high expertise in the industry. High pressure in the sprayer makes it difficult to control the paint, and it flies everywhere during application. Though these compressed air sprayers tend to be more efficient, noise factor makes the painters think twice before considering them.

Now, you have a good knowledge about features to check in and types of the paint sprayers available. Go to this website for advice about best paint sprayer available in the market.

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