Making a Quick Man Cave: Simple Steps to Convert Your Garage to a Hangout Spot

Having your own man cave is a great way to spend more time at home, and most importantly, spend less money at the bar. Your home is your comfort zone, so it’s valuable to turn it into a space you can hang out and watch sports or relax with the guys.

The two places in your home that are best suited for a man cave are the basement/den and the garage. For this article, you want to put it in your garage. The reason is that it’s an easier place to convert, so here’s how you can accomplish that.

Adding storage space

Adding storage space

First and foremost, your garage is still a garage, even if you want it to be your man cave. Adding some extra storage can help benefit you without even noticing it’s there. Overhead storage bins at E-Z Garage Storage Solutions could help you include the relaxation of a man cave, without compromising storage, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. Just because you want a big recliner to watch football doesn’t mean you have to find a new place to keep all of your sporting goods or tools.

Setting up a TV

The best thing to add to your man cave is the right TV. Flatscreen TVs are lighter than ever, and even 4K options are much more affordable now, but you need a place to put it. The best suggestion is to wall-mount it, so you can ditch the stand and have it at the perfect eye level. Installing a wall-mount is good. Just remember to find beams to put it into, not just the drywall. Likewise, running the wire through the wall, so it’s out of the way, is safer and better-looking.

Other entertainment

A truly great man cave isn’t just a TV. You need more entertainment options than that. Pool tables are a classic but could be expensive, but ball tables, dart boards, and table tennis offer good value for a significantly reduced cost. The other thing you need to consider for the tabletop entertainment games is floor space. The bigger it is, the less room you might have for a couch or recliners, so measure out how much room you can work with.



Bar amenitie

What would a man cave be without the right bar amenities? If you want to install a bar top with a keg system, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. At the very least, you need a beer fridge, even just a mini-fridge. Going to and from the kitchen ruins the relaxation, so consider your options wisely when implementing your bar amenities.

Man caves are an excellent way to unwind at home. Spending money at the bar, figuring out your ride, and all of the in-between stuff is a pain for your wallet and your enjoyment, so it’s essential to have somewhere at home to relax. Your garage can double as your new man cave, and these must-have features allow you to still utilize your garage’s functional aspects with top-tier entertainment for you and your friends.

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